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2001-02-13 - 10:15pm

I wonder if I will be more diligent in writing in this than I typically am in my hand written journals. Perhaps I won't let MONTHS go by without an entry simply because of that worry of possibly disappointing someone! What a difference in motivation if I think that perhaps someone will actually read this, as opposed to my truly private journals which are written only for myself.

It's Tuesday night at 9:30 pm and Westley (my husband) is still out with Katerina. (My daughter) Its a school night so I am a bit disappointed they are out so late. Westley had errands to run and wanted company so he brought Katerina with him at 5pm and said they'd be back in a few hours. Hmmm... He has a tendency to get caught up in momentum and then keep on going-- getting things accomplished with no regard for things like time... or other people.

He called about a half hr ago very excited to try out his new car cell phone. He is excited to have bought a new car, and it apparently took a while to get the phone in it turned on tonight. He hadn't mentioned that on his "To Do" list as he left tonight, so I'm sure it was an impulsive idea to go get that done while they were out. I don't think he realized he'd have to wait for over an hour for it to get set up and turned on. Well, the phone worked, although as he told me that he and Katerina were going to eat dinner with his sister before heading home, I did hear my voice echoing back to me in response. I told him there is an echo and suggested he call me back to test it out again, and he said "another time." Good answer! He must have finally realized that dinner is a priority!

I can however understand why he didn't think of dinner sooner-- it was the momentum and excitement of both the new car and new phone, in addition to the fact that at 4:45 Westley devoured three brownies! I had greater self control and only really ate one whole one, then later cut the rest in the pan and ate crumbs here and there, and then little pieces at a time so that I obviscated the fact that I ate as many.

We recently made a trip to BJ's Wholesale Club in an attempt to save money on our food bills. Instead we came back with HUGE packages of a myraid of decdent deserts we normally wouldn't buy at the supermarket. But how could Westley the coffeeholic, and I the chocoholic pass up things like chocolate covered biscotti, or the 85oz package of Giradelli Brownie Mix?

The phone just rang, and in a very characheristic manner Westley informed me that he and Katerina were making one last stop. He said "I know your going to be mad at me but we are stopping at WallMart-- Just for a minute to look at the car seats."

That was the #1 priority on his "To Do" list today- to buy a new car seat for the baby for the new car. So I shouldn't be surprised that he obsessively must continue on this quest. I of course said "But its 10pm and she needs to get to bed!" But it really made little impact. The purpose of the call was not to get my support, but to lessen his guilt as at LEAST he called to say they are going to be late! So his guilt was slightly lessened. And I for one am not really mad at all, perhaps because I do understand that he truly becomes obsessive when he has a goal to achieve--

and hey, the phone just rang-- they are on their way home! He also is a man who means what he says! When he said he was running in and out just for a minute he really meant it! He wanted to survey the goods there before we go out to another store tommorrow. This morning the quest began with a trip to Babies- R- Us and then Toys-R-Us. Although they are run by the same company, the inventory in each store differs. Westley must check EVERY store in search of the BEST possible upholstry match for his new car. I find the whole process both slightly amusing and slightly disturbing. How many people really CARE if their babie's car seat matches their car's colors?? Its the kind of thinking that is foreign to me. Is this OCD? Or am I just wired so differently from the rest of the world myself that I am the only one who thinks that odd???

The most interesting part of our shopping trip for me was when Westly said that if I wanted he's get the new car seat for my car-- since he noticed a few nice ones that match my car's interior, and said he would take the car seat I have in my car. He said the one in my car would match his car, but doesn't match mine well. I found it funny because as he said that, and still now, I can't even visualize what the baby's car seat in my car looks like. I have no memory of its color! I even spent time re-adjusting the straps on it tonight to make it fit her better and even at that time I didn't think to pay attention to its color. I told Westley to do whatever he'd like.

The other interesting thing about this shopping trip, and typical of both of us, is that westley thinks of it as FUN, while I just HATE shopping! Its quite a fascinating attraction of opposites we have! He had suggested we all go out tonight as he really wanted me to be there. He then realized it was too long of a day out for the baby , and Soren, and deceided to just bring Katerina. Either that or he realized that tommorrow is Valentine's Day and maybe he needed time to shop without me present!

At 6pm I realized that I hadn't yet picked up a card for him, or gone to the cleaners to pick up his shirts and pants I had cleaned. That is a Valentine gift of a sort as he NEVER gets his clothes done at the cleaners, nor have I ever brought them there before! Although its as much of a treat for me as for Westley as its less laundry for me to do, and I am backed up with that. We had work done on the septic system yesterday so I couldn't run water for a few hours, so I used that as an excuse to go to the cleaners. I have wanted to bring Westley's shirts there for months, but he said not to as he thinks its a waste of money as they can be done at home. I'm hoping that he is happy with the shirts and won't complain if I make it a habit.

Well- receiving an IM now from a NY friend so thats all for now.

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