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2001-03-13 - 18:38:28

Here we go again- another attempt to use this service. My last three or four attempts have been thwarted as I got bumped off line when trying to enter the text. I keep changing the time above as it is completely wrong- maybe if I don't change it the entry will work. (OK- I'm reaching now to find some REASON for the error! ) In any case- it really is 1:40 pm -- which in military time is NOT 18:38

I am bothered by military time as it is-- having the WRONG military time to look at really distracts me...

I'm taking a break after a futile seach for one of the THREE tape measures I own. I read the latest issue of Oprah's magazine as I was in a waiting room recently and was impressed by her cool story on just how much work it takes for her to look the way she does on the cover. She basically had the message- love your beautiful self!! Don't compare yourself to the magazine cover's you see- as you don't have four hours of grooming with a myraid of beauty professionals at your disposal. Furthermore- Oprah- being a woman of substance, included her REAL photos of herself undergoing the process of make believe. She showed the pictures of when she came in that day- looking like a typical wrinkled old black grandmother with the weathered skin and tired eyes we all will share as we age. Nobel of her! And yes- BEAUTIFUL!

Amazing- I was impressed by a woman's magazine! A first for me. Even more amazing- I told my husband of it, and he actually surprised me by one day buying me the issue! He brought it home and I was touched by his gift! Not one mocking comment from him! He actually said- "Order it if you like it!" He too was impressed by the reality of it.

Well Oprah's magazing encouraged me to take hold of that task I've been putting off for the past month for fear of failure.... and to just do it! I could have taken that to me start studying for the bar exam, but I took it to mean -- Make those damn curtains I've planned for months. The material has been washed and in a bin for at least two months. And yes- I am a bit intimidated by the project since I haven't made curtains in over ten years- and now I do have a critic in my husband who is very particular about things! (And who has never sewed so underestimated how fragile my ego will be if he says ANYTHING negative!!!)

I deceided to just get over that fear of criticism- and get going on the project of making the curtains for Katerina's's room. And alas- - I am stuck in the limbo of searching for missing tape measures! ahh-- the envy I have of those with organizational skills!

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