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2001-03-17 - 19:10:19

Came back on line just to test a theory. I thought maybe the odd military time could be due to a time zone difference. I imagined the diaryland webmasters out in sunny CA... well-- maybe they are in Tahiti-- or somewhere in a yet another zone Its 2:15 pm here-- in military time that should be 14:15 right? So In CA it would be 11:15-- hmm that doesn't explain the diaryland given time as 19:10....

In any case-- so far whenever I have corrected the time I have been bumped off line and lost my attempted entry-- but lately when I son't correct the time I have succeeded in writing!! So I guess I must give up on obsessing about the origin and problem of inaccurate time on this site-- and just accept it!

Interesting that the inaccuracy of the time bothers me so much on this site, particularlly since if I lost my watch I'd likely not even notice it was gone for days. I am not typically well aware of time, and my lack of consideration of it has been a source of problems! I used to be chronically late for everything-- I say "used to be" as I feel I have greatly improved in that area. Its been a major goal for me this past year to be more conscious of being on time.

Ii was upset with myself this morning when I realized at 11am that I totally forgot that this is the Sat the kids were suppossed to go to their group Suzuki violin lesson. It completely slipped my mind! I should have gotton us all up early and out of the house by 8:30 am to go to it. Its particularlly upsetting to me because we also have bags full of girl scout cookies to deliver there! The group lesson is only once a month, so these cookies will be here for another month until we again have the opportunity to see all those parents who ordered them. Good thing they keep well! The group violin lesson is one event the kids have never missed, although they used to always be late for. I have been proud that over the past five or six months that has really improved. They have been getting there almost on time as opposed to a whole half hour or more late! They actually have made it at 9am sharp on occasion which never used to happen! My goal is to actually be early for a change.

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