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2001-03-17 - 14:35:25

I thought I would enjoy a few minutes of peaceful writing as I was in a really happy mood this morning. However after about 5 minutes alone here my husband had to break the peace by going on a rampage about how I don't respect him and honor any of our agreements--all because I bought a box of Dolphin cheese crackers and animal crackers! I bought them as the baby can easily manipulate and eat them and I though they, along with cheerios would be good to give her as she sits in the highchair waiting while I prepare a meal for her. I often give her frshly steamed and ground veggies- which takes time and she isn't always patient through the process. Anyway-- He is literally freaking out over this seemingly little thing as he had recently commented that we have a ton of crackers and cookies and said "Don't buy any more!" I had agreed. Of course I didn't think of animal crackers and the dolphin crackers as in the same category!

I havbe to think I guess we are lucky to not have anything TRULY substanstive to fight over!!

He very autoritatively said. "I want you to return them" I said "OK" and got my coat and keys and was going to go the half hr to the store to return the three dollars worth of unopened snacks. He initially said "Good" and I looked forward to the solitude of the ride. But then he realized the folly and said "So your going to waste more money in gas to return them now? Do it the next time you go into town."

End of that story: I'm here writing-- and eating dolphin crackers for breakfast.

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