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2001-04-05 - 2:42 p.m.

I guess I am officially procrastinating. I will be brief in this bad habit though! I have to do some accounting and then deposit the last of the money raised by my daughter's brownie troop through their girl scout cookie sale. I then need to hand in copies of all the banking receipts of payments made (to the Girl Scout Council to pay for the cookies) to the service unit manager of this area. I realize that MANY people are poor at meeting deadlines! I was supposed to have this all done last Fri-- however it was this Tuesday before I got all the money returned to me from some of the girls. They basically had trouble meeting the deadline I had given them of a week earlier. In fact I only got the money from the troop leader's daughter on Tue! Wednesday was a busy day with the kids going to violin practice so I didn't have time for doing the accounting then.

On Tuesday night both Soren and Katerina started playing soccer. They both enjoyed it tremendously! Katerina is thrilled for her first game which is in a few weeks. After violin practice last night, the kids were excited to go Catoctin Sports in Leesburg to buy their soccer shirts and shin guards. I was happy the owner opened up the locked door for us at 6:05pm despite the "closed" sign next to the hours which indicated they are open from 10am to 6pm. Great customer service!!

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