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2001-05-03 - 6:58 p.m.

I thought I'd write while waiting for long grain brown rice to cook as it takes 45 min. Of course by the time I got on line, after getting the kids situated with toys they will independently play with --- I now hear that buzzer going in the kitchen! Its amazing how 45 min can go by without anything substantial being done by me!

So its time for dinner. We are having leftovers of what was outstanding homemade carrot soup over rice. The only problem with this is that it really LOOKS unappetizing-- I mean a big sloppy orange mess that resembles baby food doesn' generally look appealing to me. So it is with reluctance that we are eating it. Ironically when I made it fresh a few days ago it really was delicious. There is something about the whole process of peeling each carrot and methodically following the cookbook which makes one anticipate then enjoy a meal so much more than when it is later leftovers.

This recipie is from the original Moosewood Cookbook, and it really is nice- although a bit too sweet to serve as a main course even if it is over rice.

Bye now! Hope the rice isn't overdone...

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