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2001-05-31 - 6:20 a.m.

I feel like the covert writer--

This is rather bizzare to me- but my husband has taken issue with the fact that I write in a diary and dare to mention his name! He is worried about what I might say about him, and about who's hands it could fall into. Now I have journaled since I was 12 years old and have no intention of stopping--

He was upset by my journal book that I write in at home! He is not even aware of this medium!! He did suggest that I change his name-- or make up an intial, and I think that's a good idea for this medium so one day will go back and edit to do that. I don't write my most personal thoughts here anyway-- but it is still prudent.

I will not however alter or destroy my paper journals which are thankfully locked up!

He worries about the children someday finding them and reading of our intimate lives.

Other news: I am excited to be going to see the Miami City Ballet with friend Michelle tonight. If I were web suavy I'd add a link to her diaryland page here-- but alas I'm not! (Thus the reason for no photos or really creative stuff here! Someday I'll learn... likely in my old age when kids are not consuming my every waking moment.

Also- my parents are coming into town and staying here tonight only as they are en route to a L.I. wedding. They encouraged me to still go to the ballet which was very thoughtful of them (especially since I got the tickets months ago!) I had told them it would be fine for them to stay here- not realizing it was the same night as the ballet. Fortunately I too am going to the wedding so I will see them over the weekend anyway. The kids will ennjoy their visit tonight. They in fact will be babysitting until my hiusband gets home-- lets call him Westley from now on-- as I think he's like to be identified with the mysterious lover in Princess Bride.(HA HA!!!) And to think of me as "Buttercup" is so very amusing...

That will actually make it amusing for me to go back to archives and change all names. Now what kind of names would people named Westley and Buttercup come up with for their children...

Hmmm...WEstley sounds somewhat gothis, and to me nordic.... I might be wron,, and well Buttercup makes me think of nature...possible kids psudonames: "Rainflower" "Soren" "Cedar"

"Camilla" "Summer" "rose" "Rosalind" Hmm need to think of more gothic or nordic boys names...I'm thinking Viking like... as that's what Westley sounds like to me, even thought the character was certainly not at all blond and if I recall the story with my failing memory it took place in Europe somewhwere-- perhaps Spain or Italy.

I had a friend in Buffalo with two daughters named Sky and Rainflower. My friend is a photographer and her husband is an artist. Both are very talented so for some reason the names fit perfectly and did not seem strange in the world of the art studio and artist commnuity I saw them in. I suppose if they lacked talent it would just seem odd... Isn't that unfair? That talented people are given greater freedom to be creative and unique and those who TRY to be creative and unique but lack any exceptional ability are merely seen as eccentric?

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