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2001-07-30 - 9:21 a.m.

I finally did it! For the last hour I let the toddler girl run around and wreck havok on my room while the new baby girl slept and I changed the names in all the old diaryland entries for the benefit of Westley my endearing husband with the Italin temper. A friend who HAD an online diary said her boyfriend recently "Discovered" it-- she failed to mention it to him before and as she said "I didn't feel like I needed permission"

Despite the fact she has written over and over about how she has THE BEST boyfriend in the world- he is upset that part of his life has been made public. Of course thats only incidentally somwehat true- as HER life is what is public--- and only to those who SHE refers to the site-- her good friends. Anyone else who looks at it will be anonymous strangers-- but nonetheless her site is down and she respects his anger and his feelings about it. She will reinvent a way to communicate with friends in an efficient manner. Her story did remind me of my intention to at least change names-- so I took the time to finally do so.

Anyway the baby just awoke with a cry-- she is now two weeks old and a joy to care for. I need to feed her and the toddler girl and myself.

Will have to write soon to recap a bunch of things-

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