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2001-11-10 - 11:34 p.m.

My stint of exercizing has been interrupted! The babies seem to have sensed that I was getting up early to go for a run or exercise because they started to wake up betreen 5:00 and 6:00am! Now I can not go for a morning run as for the past week and a half one of the babies has been up and needed my attention.

I have started to write a bit more. I have an idea for a story brewing in my head, and I have started an article which I have a plan of submitting to a publication for nursing mothers. That pies was prompted by a bizarre encounter with another mother at the park (which I may have already written about in this diary!)

I am pained to see a job posting for a job I'd LOVe and would be great at-- but which I can't take now. Its not practical for me to wprk outside of the home as the baby is only 4 months old and I don't have a financial need to wprk and I also haven't found a good sitter yet. Additionally, half my earned income would go right to taxes, and then more than half of what is left would go to a sitter! I saw that Loudoun county is hiring a manager for two group homes--- which is my EXACT old position at PEOPLE INC in Buffalo, NY. The salary is fantastic and the job is in Leesburg which is close. (Well a half hour away-- but close by our standards which have changed since moving from a city to the country.)


1. Find out how to get a certified kitchen for food production.

2. Find out how to get our farm products certified organic

3. Check out the Cow market. Find out the going rate and what is involved in raising cattle.

When I talked of going to work at the group home my husband was supportive, but he did remind me that I have a job running a family farm.

I guess that is true... It still feels more like a hobby than a job though.

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