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2001-12-15 - 9:24 a.m.

I am positive that I was the only ticket scalper at my children's music school preformance!

I acted within the parameters of the law though- as I didn't make an illeagal profit by selling the tickets for too much.

In fact, I had bought them for $3 each, but sold them to kids for only $2-- as the price of kids tickets was $2, and adults were $3.

I had three extra tickets as Aunt and Dad and little sis didn't come.

Dad stayed home as he was upset to hear that parents had to PAY to see their kids in the Christmas recital! He of course is right to think that is ridiculous!

So I scalped his tix which made him feel a little better...and gave me a laugh.

And then I , like all the other parents present, went in and reveled in the joy of seeing our little ones preform.

Truth is- I must have been tending to the baby, because I missed my son's part. (Or when he went on it was so brief I hadn't yet noticed it was him!)

But I did see my daughter play her tune on the violin. She had come running up to me in the audience just moments before- distraught saying, "Mommy! I lost my costume!"

I told her she had to go look for it wherever she had been backstage, and if she couldn't find it to just go on as she was and the audience would use their imagination. She whispered her wailing "NOoooo!!! I can't do that!!!"

I was relieved to see she soon found the red vest which made her a hunter so she could appropriately play "The Hunter's Chorus" for us.

It was a lovely fun evening. The first time I have been out with other adults in a while. My daughter's best friend and her mom were there, along with my sister in law who is my oldest college friend, and my EX-Mother in Law. (The other reason my husband really was stressed about the event and choose to stay home. He married me and "inherited" my two older children- but he really doesn't need to interact with their whole extended family if he is uncomfortable!)

I however enjoyed seeing my ex-mother in law, who is really lovely even though I couldn't stand being married to her!! (HA!! That's what it felt like at the time.... thus the divorce...)

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