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2002-02-09 - 2:59 p.m.

how lame! I can't keep this window open and also open another one on the INternet. Maybe I'm just not skilled enough.

The boy doesn't seem to be sick. He just spat up a small amount of mucus. It might be a ploy to get out of violin practice. I told him to be done as he did practice for about 45 min, during which big sis bossed him horribly. I had them practice together today as Dad and the two babies were napping and I wanted to take advantage of some time alone. (All too rare for me!)

I am looking forward to starting to work part time this week for a local attorney who is going to have me do Immigration work for him. The going rate for E4 visa's is $6000 in this market. He is a tax attorney with a client who runs a large business here and had a number of Chinese employees he apparently needs to assist in getting visa's. So if the attorney and I can do the work for less than that he'll be happy. It sounds like a great place for me to start. I need to go review my immigration notes! The attorney said they are E4 visa's. I better look that up!

Time to check out Schusterman's immigration Law site- my favorite for up to date Immigration law info.

I'm very excited as the attorney is going to hook me up with the proper forms software or books and a laptop and I can work from home. Very cool!!

He is very easygoing. It turns out he used to practice Labor Law in Buffalo! Kudos to me as that was an area of study that was my forte!

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