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2002-03-14 - 12:21 a.m.

Big news: We will be moving from this pretty, rural horse country of Loudoun County VA to the Samoa (oops! THose damn girl scout cookies- did it again!!!) - that is Sonoma Valley area of Sunny California!

The Big Cheif of the family (as he tries to assert himself to be) was offered a great job there in the tech sector he has tried to leave behind.

In an effort to stay here so as to not uproot the whole family, my sweet husband was even willing to take a GOVT JOB!! Now that is an expression of love! So I apprechiated that he switched careers for my sake and worked as a civil engineer for a total of 15 hours....

But I also understood how after the insight of that experience he could not then turn down a great offer at a very organized high energy company that came in at over two and a half times the salary of the govt job.

I also understand his desire to write a big expose of the corruption that he detected on day one of reviewing their contracts. Project were suddenly taken away from engineers and outsourced to a private company with NO bidding... Hmmmmm .... and the rational that "No one else has the expertise and capability of providing this technical skill but this company."

The needed skills were to be able to put some digital images on the web..... with live photo cameras... Hmmmm - Ever hear of the JENNY CAM? Wasn't she a college kid when she figured out how to do that along w/ various sundry other young folks????? And it didnt cost her $10 Mil to do it..... Hmmmm...

So the next article my significant other writes is likely to be about the use of his taxes..... Hmmm

HE did try to be helpful to his boss of two days who he was impressed with (And couldn't figure out WHY she worked for the govt under dolts who gave her no resources or support.) So he wrote a resignation letter that she can use to highlight a number of problems she wants addressed, that he cited as reasons to leave the job.HAd he not taken this other offer I think he's have left that job in a few more days anyway!

While I am excited about this career opportunity for my husband, I have mixed feelings as I am concerned that I won't have any chance of preparing for the CA bar by this summer so if I take that I'll likely fail it. I also was very confident that I am ready to take the VA bar again and pass. (since I was only 20 points off last time and that was with sleeping a hour and a half during the test.) Since I am neither pregnant nor will have just given birth this summer I will finally have a chance to sit for the Bar exam without being exhausted.

So I am thinking of taking the VA Bar even though I will be moving. I'd then try to continue to work at Immigration issues for the lawyer here (even if I am in CA) and waive into the CA bar.

Getting tired now! I've got to go and check out the local schools in Northern CA.

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