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2002-04-12 - 11:18 p.m.

I am having a blast reading the "Harry Potter 101" primer on The Party Works web site as I plan my third grade daughter's party which is tommorrow afternoon.

The Harry Potter cheat sheets are very helpful for parents!

Katerina invited only the girls in her class, which will undoubtedly make it easier for me than if she had the boys there too. I think there are gender differences at that age as the boys are a little wilder. Most of all I am relieved that she didn't want the whole class because of the smaller # of kids! Last year we nixed a party and instead told her she could have two or three friends over for lunch and cake one afternoon.

This year we are planning a move after the end of the school year so I think it will be nice for both Katerina and her brother to have a birthday party. Its been a while since I wrote in this- and longer since I read anything I wrote so I forget the psudo name I gave my boy (Katerina's younger bro) Soren? Westley?? Hmmm.... I need to look it up.... No I think Westley refers to my husband, who in his romantic courting days watched "The Princess Bride" with me and affectionately called me Buttercup. (As if I had that blond hair!! but I do carry the blond recessive trait stongly and have given him a little blond girl...)

The party tommorrow is an optional costume party. It will be interesting to see how many Hermonies show up. There is one redhead coming-- so maybe she will be Ginny (I think Ginny is the Harry Potter redheaded character)

if I had time I think I's want to be Hedgwig the owl.

In my dreams I envision my husband dressed in leather of Westley and I in a bodiced laced dress in costume going to a Halloween party..... I am sure I shall never be able to convinve him to actually dress up in costume! Although last Halloween when we had a cute toddler banging on everything I suggested the whole family dress up like the FLintstones. The kids loved the idea! An I think it apt as my husband resembles Fred more than Westley in both looks and demeanor! The amazing thing is that he almost seemed like he could be convinced with that idea as it revolved around his beloved daughter who would make an adorable Pebbles. (That was after the initial thought she's be a perfect Bam Bam, as we realized her blond older brother could be Bam Bam, but Pebbles would be a stretch for him!)

Its quiet in the house now and I am energetic as I napped today so I am going to work on some Immigration stuff now. I got some work from a 2nd lawyer which I need to tend to. Its a good opportunity so I better move on it. It took me a while to get the house and myself organized enough to actually get work done. I need to finish typing notes from the AILA conference that is still not done, and then set up a few new file folders and organize my desk and I will have nothing left to do in procrastination! (And I'll actually be rather organized to work more efficently~)

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