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2002-04-22 - 10:36 p.m.

I am pleased with what I accomplished today although I am disappointed that I didn't do what I intended to do!

Pros of Today:

I am keeping up on laundry! Tonight I had the energy to wash two loads.

AMAZINGLY I actually washed one load and my 8 yr old daughter washed the other! At bedtime I told the kids to bring down the laundry. She came down with only a few items- which did not include the jeans and shirt she had worn when playing in the sandbox this afternoon. I asked here where they were and she said "They are not dirty!" I said- "Oh yes they are! Bring them down so I can wash them."

A few minutes later I was amazed as I brought my laundry to the basement to find Katerina had moved the wet stuff into the dryer and was loading up the machine. I said "What are you doing?"

She replied "Laundry"

Which seemes so obvious that I felt silly having asked!

She said, "I want to help out so I can earn some allowance. My teacher keeps reading stories to us about economics and how to make money, so I want to work to make money."

She added, "If I want to ever be able to buy a horse I better start now!"

I had been suspiciously wondering why she was throwing the laundry in-- specifically the load of blue clothes that included the jeans she was reluctant to bring down. I wondered if perhaps she had not made it to the bathroom in time and was trying to conceal an accident... that seemed more likely than Katerina wanting to WORK!!

Well - that's the good news of the day! My often self absorbed daughter has been helping out without nagging! She actually had taken inititive to load the dishwasher a few days ago! And people dared to complain about her teacher in the beginning of the year!!

(I think the complaints were because the teacher does things like lessons on cultural diversity.... and ACTUALLY teaches HISTORY based on FACTS rather than based on the very Southern VA view of their world.... which fails to do things like MENTION slavery in relation to the civil war... Katerina's teacher had them read "Roll of Thunder Hear MY Cry" which delt with racism and I think it sent some parents into a panic attack. It was optional reading.. and I wonder if anyone else in the class read it other than my daughter.

Other Pros of today:

I feel "Quickening!' as it is called in my utuerus! The Baby is moving about!

I have been faithfully taking my folic acid.

I managed to successfully start the mower which was in the barn since last summer! I mowed around the back and front door and the area close to the house so the kids can play.

There has been lots of rain! THat's good news as a drought is predicted.

Bad news for me as the grass is growing wild and my hubby is out of town till Sat. He hired someone to mow and they attempted to do our property across the street from this house and the mower broke down. (Overheated? It was 95 the day he mowed!)

Good News: I am proud to be keeping the house in reasonable order.

The CONS of the day:

It takes me most of the day to maintain the house in reasonable order and I have little time to do much else!

I am behind on the visa applications I am working on.

I asked one attny for a retainer for myself to do visa work. He agreed and said "I'll get a check to you" and handed work over to me-- buthasn't written the check! (Do I keep working on that file... or let it get behind while waiting on him????)

I have spent HOURS and HOURS of research for a case for the other attny and haven't gotten any pay yet. (My fault for NOT having had him pay me a retainer!)

All this Immigration work-- while valuable and fun doens' help me in getting any closer to being prepared for a BAR exam!

I have to decide where to take the BAr this summer-- CA ? VA? and do I take the exam for both states? I think I will ....

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