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2002-06-04 - 10:14 p.m.

I read someone's on line journal which was entitled "40 Things I'd like to do by the time I'm 40."

I felt wonderful as I actually had achieved 5 of the first 7 things on her list!! (And I am not yet even 35!)

That felt all the better as I admit to feeling a little bit competetive with this particular person. (Only because she had been very critical and judgemental of me in the past.)

I do however visit her site regularly- as although I have been annoyed by her, I have to admit this once called friend who has written me off in her life IS a good writer! And good at giving writing prompts.

So here is my list: (keep in mind it is not in order of priority. I am writing this in the stream of consciousness spewing method)

40 Things I hope to achieve by Age 40:

1. Pass a Bar exam (ANY STATE WILL DO!!)

2. Stop having children.

3 See a live Shakesphere play again. (At a GOOD theatre!)

4. Travel to Europe (anywhere there will do- Ireland, England, France)

5. Travel to the city near where I live for a night of entertainment.

I am starting to doze off.... I can't make it through this exercise right now.


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