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2002-08-07 - 1:31 p.m.

I sat again for the VA bar exam last week. I actually understood all the questions this time around! I am aware that I didn't know ALL the material, however I did learn a substantial amount of Va law in the past few months so feel good about it. I may not have learned ENOUGH yet- but I am sure there will be a dramatic improvement, and should I fail I am SURE that if I keep on studying the next time around would be successful!

I actually stayed awake ALMOST the whole exam! I dozed only once on the second day during the Multistate part, and quickly awoke and revived myself with a walk and a Cliff Bar and Frappacino. A little caffiene, sugar and vitamins all in one gave me the jump start I needed!

I am pleased to have only randomly guessed at ONE multistate question that I had no time to read! So I basically had time to finish the whole exam minus one 1 pt question. I felt that alone was an accomplishment, as when I practiced the test review questions I was working slower then necessary to finish the test.

BIg news at home: WE HAVE TV reception! My hubby successfully installed the satellite dish he bought over a year ago. WE subscribed to DIRECT TV and I have enjoyed a few movies this week. The youngest are thrilled they saw Telli Tubbies yesterday! The one year old just giggles and giggles at that. (They first discovered that show when we were in the hotel in Petaluma, CA last month)

We enjoyed a nice trip to Petaluma where Westley finished up his job there as he had quit upon our decision NOT to move there. He was not too thrilled with the job for a variety of reasons (though it was not horrible and the income was great for three months!) Selling the house we had across the street from us enabled him to be able to afford to quit while he consults and continues to hunt for a full time position he enjoys in a place we'd like to live. Petaluma was very nice, but we were not thrilled by it. If we were single I think we would have LOVED it as NAPA and San Francisco are both close enough that it would be ideal. Petaluma itself was very nice. However, the elementary schools just were HORRIBLE compared to here and in NY, and it was hard to find a house we liked with ample space for lots of kids, so that made it unappealing to us. Nice place to visit though!

While there we enjoyed spending the 4th of July with my oldest brother who lives in San Franscisco. WE met him at a park near Santa Rosa where the little ones enjoyed swinging and playing and we visted. Bacause the children were tired we then went out to dinner to a nice Mexican restaraunt and headed back to the apartment there and watched a movie once the kids were asleep. No fireworks for us as they all started too late for us to bring the young ones to.

Toddler #1 is screaming crying wanting attention- so my time is up for writing! She is overtired....

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