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2003-01-07 - 12:10 a.m.

I have the Tao of Pooh and it always makes me think of my friend Elizabeth whom I never really get to talk to anymore. She was a fellow philosophy and English Lit student during our undergraduate days at the least known of the Jesuit colleges--- a small one in Buffalo, NY.

Lately I have felt nostalgic thinking about old college friends, and unusual for me- old high school friends and acquaintances. I was excited when I moved to VA just three years ago as the girl I was closest to in high school lives just about 45 min away in Fredrick, MD. I envisioned actually socializing with her on occassion. Since being here I have seen her only twice. She and her significant other came over for what I felt was a TOO formal lunch as Westley went all out to impress. It was nice, but I felt like we were all walking on eggshells for no apparant reason and never really relaxed. I think he was just trying too hard for my sake.

The second time I saw her and her significant other was when I met them at an Indigo Girls concert at Wolftrap here in Va. That was nice, although its hard to connect at a concert- it seemed more like something we each enjoyed individually while standing next to each other-- kind of the way toddlers "play" together but never even look at one another.

In less than a month we will be leaving VA- al least for a while. WE are excited to have suprisingly found a builder for our now very leaky roof and seeping walls! THere is alot of snow on the roof now, and as it melts the water cascades through the warping window sills.

We are heading up to Syracuse, NY where Westley will finish up the dissertation for his pHd.

I am VERY excited about this! The only thing we are not looking forward to is the twenty day stay at my In Laws. My Dad always says "Fish and Relatives Spoil After Three Days"

I try to live by that tenant. My brothers apparently didn't recall those words of wisdom. The oldest bro recently got laid off from his cush start up java programming job in San Fran when the company got acquired. He survived the first few rounds of layoffs, and has decided to do some traveling for a little while before working. He just turned down a job offer in L.A., so I think he must have done well enough to have a dit of a safety net to bounce off of for a little while. He went down to FL via a cross country drive and made a fantastic web site of his travels. It ended with a picture of the "Re-HAb for Prodigal Sons" and a picture of the "board room" -- photos of the pool at my parent's place in Vero Beach, FL.

I think the oldest bro went there primarily to lend encouragement to the second oldest of all my siblings- a brilliant mensa IQ but socially anxious fellow who had been an accountant, then quit to live the life of a daytrading hermit, and then ran out of money and headed for the parents a year ago in his mid thirties. He's still there. So now, the oldest brother who chewed him out not that long ago for eating into the parents retirement and being selfish for imposing on them has now gone to Fl too. I think in an attempt to motivate. I hope it works and they both remain motivated and find jobs.

I digressed from my ramblings about old friends: Found a high school debate team buddy is now the technology editor of Reuters news service in NYC. AWESOME!! I have to admit I am a little envious of that....

I also did a search for an old boyfriend out of the blue one day as thinking of the old debate team made me think of him. HE was a guy I met when I made it to the state level of competition and he was a student at SUNY ALBANY who had volunteered to be a judge for the HS tournament. I recall thinking this guy was SO attractive and smart. He was very charming as well. Basically my all girl high school debate team collectively had a BIG crush on him! I dated him for only a few months as I was younger and had too early of a curfew to make it worth his while to drive over 45 minutes to see me! I am also convinced my goofy fruit jeans just may have scared him away! I truly was a fashion rebel in HS! Very defiant in my insistance of wearing goofy clothing in reaction to the HS girls obsessed with name brand clothes and gucci purses and way too nerdy for anyone to REALLY have found me cute then! I ran his name in the internet search engine thinking he was someone who would have gone far in life so I might find something on him, and articles about him immediately came up. He was a lawyer in NYC and died on Sept 11th in the terrorist bombing. Mark Brisman Rest In Peace. You were a special person who likely didn't even know that you made many a Sacred Heart girls heart throb a little quicker. And yes - Chivalry is not dead!

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