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2003-01-09 - 10:17 a.m.

I'm taking that leap of faith.... I am finally going to send this link to an old HS friend who lives ridiulously close by but whom I never see! To date I have shared this site with only one other friend- she who introduced me to Diaryland a few years ago, and I don't know if she even still looks at it. So hi AC if you should get this far! Somewhat voyaristic feeling isn't it reading an on line journal? Heres to all those friends who I actually may someday send here....

I may not be in touch often, but I still think of you! Years with children will someday be gone and then I'll have time for other pursuits.

Thoughts on AC:

Found some HS pics of shared fun times. Older bros friends and my bros as late minute dates for us the debate team geeks. Ditching a set up date with a fottball player who was as smart as a rock to instead laugh with AC.

Ahh.. children pulling pins out of pincushion... writing time short lived today

Quick news: accomplishment! Finally made the boy four pair of PJS! Happy to use material sent from friend Sandra in NY! She knows her limits.. .won't be sewing any time soon. She mistakenly thought I regularly sew! HA! HAve this year only done mending until was inspired by her package of material.

Also- am sending out ramblings to literary journals. I figure if I start trying to send out submissions once a week that after 52 attempts maybe I'll get published! So far I diligently got three envelopes mailed the past three weeks. Found links to a poets web site where she details all her submissions- along with links to the guidelines so it is easy for me since I really haven't time to find that info!

children calling!

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