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2003-05-16 - 11:37 p.m.

YaH! The kids are playing soccer! Westley volunteered to drive them, and to pay the cost as I had not yet sent a check for it. I was waiting for my pay from the latest law job that I delivered last week. We didn't even have any big discussion about this at all- which is what I am most excited about-- Westley just assumed he needed to drive them, and asked if I had paid yet, or if that still needed to be done. The fact this was something he just assumed he should take over since I wrecked my car and can't drive them makes me feel happy that the kids desires ARE a priority for their Stepdad! That is the way it should be-- but yesterday after I banged the door of the car I did not want to have ANY expectations that might not be met! I didn't want to assume that Westley would be prepared to take over the soccer practice and game transportation.

This morning our plans were changed as we had intended to drive to Syracuse to visit with Uncle Pete and Aunt Mary. Instead we arranged for a tow, and then spent time vacuming up the shattered glass in to garage.

In an agreed upon cost saving measure-- since money was not in the budget for car repairs-- I am getting rid of my AOL account. This seems prudent as I did set up a free yahoo

e-mail address and I can always go to the AOL.COM site for news should I be interested in their truncated headlines which give no details or depth... I don't think the features of AOL will be missed all that much. I will set up an ICQ name.

The only disappointment about tommorrow's soccer, which I just thought of, is that the little girls loved watching the bigger kids play. They can't come a we can't all fit in one car. so I will have to stay home with them.

I'm falling asleep as I sit here! I better finish my task...

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