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2003-05-27 - 12:35 a.m.

I just re-read some of the older entrys and realized that I have flipped between two different psudonames for my son! I found that rather funny. I finally did use the search for term feature to make his psudoname consistently Soren. Just a few weeks ago he celebrated his First Communion. This is unfortunately noteworthy not because it was such a joyful celebration for our family-- but because it marks for him the moment of realization that a person he holds dear and idolized-- his paternal grandmother, is NOT perfect. I recall the pain of my childhood when I discovered the imperfection of my paternal grandmother. I was about 12 years old when I became aware of her resentment toward my mother, and her elitist socialite attitude. Over the next few years as she became ill and came to live with us I also became aware of her racist beliefs. She managed to scare off every one of the in home nurse aides because they were black. Those aides varied from absolutely fantastic to adequate in their skill. Then as she deserved, the agency sent my grandmother an incompetent,lazy fat lady who watched TV and ate and gave her little attention- but she was white. I think my son's lesson in adults not being perfect was a bit less harsh in contrast to mine- however I am sure no less painful for him. His Grandmother made a big deal about wanting to come to his First Communion, and he was excited she and his Dad were coming. This was at her initiation-- but unfortunately she and his Dad missed it as they apparently got lost and never found the church. That excuse however didn't seem all that credible to my son, as even at eight years old, he is aware it shouldn't be too hard to stop and ask anyone in our small town where the Catholic Church is. e also inquired "How can you miss "Main Street" ? Its the only street that goes through the heart of the small town..... OH well. It's all part of growing. That painful understanding of the imperfection of humanity,coupled with the knowledge that adults make mistakes sometimes too.

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