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2003-05-27 - 12:09 a.m.

I visited a website of my old ex friend who is a poet and has a nice web page with a link to a summer writing club. It would be so inspiring to me to join-- except for the fact that she would be freaked out. I truly need to find ANOTHER good web site (other than hers) to start reading for good creative writing links. Maybe some of the folks in that summer workshop that have their web pages up will be interesting. I did not one of the web pages is a diaryland one-- with a much cooler layout than my simplistic lame one.

Speaking of my lame lack of ability at web pages-- I attempted to create a professional web page for my legal research work, and unfortunately so far the only feedbak I got was that it looks pretty bad. Learning how to actually design a web page is on my TO DO list for someday! Maybe I'll get a REAL page instead of just filling in the predetermined boxes on the template like I am doing now. The so called professional page is another free one with DC Registry. I noted how much traffic the other sites on that registry get--- at least the one with counters, and they were all without exception still in the single digit! So I have no delusions of grandeaur of people being so intrigued by my site that they actually contact me to do work for them. It was however fun project to undertake for a little while-- and hey-- I impressed my Dad and Mom-- who have even LESS technological skill than me!

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