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2003-07-03 - 9:29 a.m.

Summer News: Katerina and Soren are off to their Dad's for a few weeks. Then they are back here for a few weeks, then back to their Dad/Grandmother's in Buffalo for a few more weeks.

They ended the soccer season and both really enjoyed it. Katerina did express interest in resuming her study of the violin, as well as playing Clarinet in the school band next year. Both Katerina and Soren had outstanding report cards, with mostly straight As.

The first week of summer Westley and I had them make a summer to do list and they were happy to accomplish some of the things on their list which included:

-Bike ride on Erie Canal


-read about dinosaurs

-read a Harry Potter Book

-find a science museum to go visit

-visit the Zoo

-play with sisters in the backyard

-meet friends from school in our neighborhood and play with them.

-Find out how much it cost to rent a clarinet for the Fall music program through school.

-Learn about the periodic table of elements

I loved that last goal of Katerina's. Since reading and writing about a biography of Marie Curie, she is inspired to become a chemist.

While looking on line for a science museum to visit, Katerina found the Rochester Science Museum, and a contest they sponsor along with a bank called the "Young Visionarys Contest." She was proud of herself as she completed and mailed the applicaion (even though she technically will not be quite old enough as her birthday falls two weeks shy of the date the contest said applicants must be age 10 by.) Nonetheless, I was proud she remained motivated to do it ANYWAY, on the hope they will mail her the two free tickets to visit the museum promised to "all applicants" I also told her to go ahead and enter-- as she just never knows how many applicants they will get! If they don't get enough, they could always decide to accept hers! They are looking for a group of winners to then participate in PR in the local media as well as an internship program at the science museum. As Katerina ended her essay "I think that is fantastic!"

I think the whole experience of taking a contest application and completing it within a few days is great for her! College essays, job applications, scholarchip applications etc will be easy for her if she continues to get practice! It was neat because Katerina found this contest herself and self initiated her participation!

Soren entered and WON a local contest this Spring! IT was a Mother's Day contest in the local Pennysaver in which Soren sent in a poem about me that was published. He was so very excited! I was proud of him AND I look forward to my very own massage , or ( waxing if I choose!!) with my $50 gift certificate to a "Woman's Spa" called Charming Sisters in Victor, NY.

Sometime this summer.... of Fall, I'll take the time to visit there. I drove by just to see what the place was like and what they offer. I initially thought it was a gift shop, as their web site indicated they sell charm bracelets- but that is apparently the only thing they sell other than the services of pampering.Oh-- I can also get permanent makepup!! SCARY!!! Or a facial...manicure... pedicure..

In a way it reminds me of the teal teddy bear I got once at a work gift exchange. Just something that is not my thing. This however at least has the personal joy of being from Soren! And I WILL enjoy a massage. I in fact gave my mom such a gift for Mother's Day about ten years ago as I thought it was a nice gift because she, like me, would NEVER buy that for herself. HAd I not given it to her she would never have experienced a professional massage. She told me she got a head and neck massage and it was amazing. (The spa I sent her to must have been pricy!) I'm excited I will get a full massage for one hour! Hey there is also a summer special right now-- before August 30 a back treatment is only $25!! Hmm.... will update on how nice it turns out (unless I go for the waxing... in which case I am SURE I won't mention this again!!)

Westley and the little ones and I will be traveling to his youngest sister's wedding on a boat on the Potomac River in a few weeks. We bought white dress shoes and socks for the little girl #1 who will be the flower girl. She is excited to "help her aunt" at the wedding. We are excited that our friend Joann is babysitting little girl #2, and was honest enough to say she 'd be comfortable with her but NOT the baby rather than saying an outright "NO". We may have our neighbors and friends Roger and Gail who have raised four boys and love little baby girl time watch the baby-- or we'll jsut bring her along on the boat too! The toddler girl #2 is the one we did NOT want to bring on a boat- as we love her and she's a little crazy. She'd likely want to swim... despite not knowing how. She really does have NO fear-- and seems to have trouble learning ANY limits. I am convinced I remain in good physical shape despite not having STRUCTURED exercise because I chase her all day!

Sesame Street is ending-- so my time to write is also over!

bye for now!

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