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2003-07-06 - 6:06 p.m.

I cleaned up my site a bit-- deleted the duplicate entrys (I don't know how they ended up here twice!) and added headings to all the entrys I never gave a discription of. Toddler girl #2 is at her limit of sitting in her high chair, although the baby is entertained by her! So I will be brief: Had a nice chat with three of my brothers today as well as my parents all of whom were in Fl are the parents house. The oldest brother has been working at a job in Atlanta for a while now,although he is living in Orlando. The second oldest is apparenly still not having luck in perhaps even APPLYING for jobs as he is suffering from severe social anxiety disorder which he today told me one of my mother's brother's also has suffered from. Its good my family is slowly learning how to TALK about issues rather than deny them. The other brother there recenly bought a CONDO in Columbia, SC where he is now a sales rep for FOX TV as well as persuing other things like making independent films along with his college roommate who is a filmmaker. My bro is an actor in them as well as a writer of the scripts. The one brother not there today is the married one who lives in Tarrytown. Maybe I'll give him a call soon to chat as I hardley ever talk to him. That of course could be attributed to the fact I was his bossy older sister as we grew up and its been said the poor kid couldn't jump into a puddle without me yelling at him.

I am very aware to curb that tendency in my kids!!

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