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2003-07-19 - 10:01 a.m.

Enjoying a few interesting web sites this morning I want to find again. In particular "" seems worth revisiting. I am away from my computer as we are now in VA so I can't bookmark it. Another interesting site is LitKicks At least I think that is its name.... Noting these so I can find them again.

We traveled from NY to Va last week for the fun wedding on a boat on the Potomac of my sister in law and New brother in law. The one thing that surprised me about the wedding is that only once was I even consious of being on a boat! Honestly- the rest of the time I was focused on watching the bride and groom, and then eating and visiting other guests. I also had to pay attention to my three year old daughter who was the reluctant shy flower girl. She was more sociable after the wedding was over. WE were VERY happy to have found sitters for the other two little girls! My good friend who was my co Girl Scout leader here in VA for the past few years was kind enough to watch the baby with a last minute request. After going to the rehersal on Fri night Westley decided it was not a good idea to bring the baby to the wedding. I am SO glad he changed his mind about that, as he initially had thought it would be nice for the extended family to meet her. We enjoyed his sister's day SO MUCH more than if we were tending to the baby as well. A good friend who was a fraternity brother in college days with both my husband and my sister in law kept our three year old entertained most of the evening. We joked with him "And you thought you wouldn't have a date?" He was so very sweet sitting with her while she ate, and acompanying her around as she was drawn to the lady who was a preschool teacher! They had a fun time together, while Westley and I waited in the line for our food and visited relatives. The day after the wedding we headed back out to visit family at a brunch along with all the kids that are here (the oldest two are still in NY at their grandmother's). Because the older kids were invited to visit their Dad and his mom this time anyway, and the VA house is under construction so we have VERY limitied livable space right now, we decided not to bring them to VA with us. The reception was an all adult reception (with the exception of the little flower girl!)

I am planning on traveling to LI in early August by myself to attend a cousins wedding. I am looking forward to that. Its nice Westley will watch the kids for me to go. I may bring one of them along with me.

Yesterday I enjoyed a few hours of fun with my Girl Scout Leader friend at the pottery studio in our little town. I made two trivets and she made a coffee mug while she told me the tragic story of her son in law who was just put in jail on 13 counts of child molestation. According to my frinds this conviction is based on a jurys finding despite the fact that the girls testimony was contradicted 72 times- and that the judge SPECIFICALLY gave the jury instructions that he can only be convicted if they are convinced "Beyond a reasonable doubt" There was no DNA testing every done. The alleged abuse occurred 6 yrs ago and according to my friend was a case of incest, with the older brother of the girl being the abuser. My friends son-in-law was in the wrong place at the wrong time-- dating the girls mother at the time of an ugly custody battle. My friend is convinced of her son in laws innocence. He later married her daughter, with full disclosure of the legal case pending, and they really thought it would all be cleared up. My friend's daughter and son in law had a new baby- their first child, born three weeks after he was putin jail for thirty years. This occurred in CA.... Wow, how I can't wait to get that Bar exam. I wonder just how many people are behind bars without any evidence?

So this week I celebrated a marriage, and also pray for those who face such intense challenges in their lives. I pray my friend's daughter is emotionally strong.

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