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2003-08-02 - 12:21 a.m.

I attempted to go to a poetry reading tonight, however arrived just as it was ending. I drove to the parking lot of The University of Rochester's Memorial Museum. I sat there and wrote a little while. The museum had lovely (Grecian? ) collumns and matching detail work on the top of the building. I then drove a while, and decided to go to Borders right near home, where there is a coffee shop to sit and write in. I arrived there at 11:15, just after it closed for the night. The experience reminded me of the last time I attempted to go out somewhere alone- back in VA when I hunted for an open coffee shop to no avail and ended up at Dennys taking notes on a hispanic familys fantastic conversation in which three teenagers were asking their parents about their secrets of youth. Questions like "Of all your brothers and sisters which one was the worst? And which was the best?" I scrawled in my notebook "Reasons to listen to your parents... you someday will be answerable to your kids"

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