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2003-08-07 - 4:57 p.m.

I sat down to write a few thoughts the other day for my friend who's depression had kicked in and I ended up writing a six page poem. Its too damn long, but ironically I think its the best thing I have written in a long time. I talked to her today and she got it in the mail- hasn't read it all yet, but it did make her smile and think "that is sweet" upon getting it. It starts out

A poet penned

“When I had no mother I embraced order”

I called with that quote in a hope it might help

my motherless friend

beside herself

society her spouse

who brings home her bread

in a monthly check

along with WIC ....

that first line which I read from Robert Pinsky's poem "Samarai song" has been haunting me whenever I think of my friend who's life lacks order more than anything else. She truly did grow up parentless... the real root of her problems.

I am happy to report she is doing well today! SHe saw her doctor yesterday who signed the papers indicating she has stablized and ready to go back to work!! (She managed to not mention the incident of last week to him!!) I am pleased for her, as she has a boyfriend and counselor and friends assisting her who all know her emotional trouble will improve once she DOES go back to work! YAH!!

I believe work is perhaps one of the healtiest things for the spirit!



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