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2003-08-24 - 11:44 p.m.

I've been spending all evening catching up on my reading of the family web page on Yahoo. My old yahoo e-mail and ID just mysteriously stopped working about two months ago. At that time I was too frustrated with the customer service at Yahoo (or lack thereof) to sign up for a new ID through them. The YAhoo ID is required to access their group web pages, so its been two months since I had access to it.

Reading Sophie's World which is really fantastic. I don't know why I never discovered that book before. It inspired me to send off an e-mail to an old college philosophy classmate who is now a professor. Its really funny- he's focusing on teaching the area I loved most in our studies. I had no idea his interest was aligned with mine... but I shouldn't be surprised. I wonder if he'll answer. He and his wife (another fellow student I knew-- I was her RA !!) had a baby shortly after they were married in the early 1990s I would love to hear if they have had more children.

Just last night, after the two month hiatis from all e-mail (other than the professional one I use for work only)- I FINALLY set up a personal e-mail account. Changing addresses, whether physical or in cyberspace, is a really good motivator to get in touch with old friends and family.

Westley has traveled south to our homestead to mow the property there. He told me on the phone he finished it today so might be coming home (to NY) sooner than he thought.

I just edited all the mistakes made while dozing.... bye now!

I'm falling asleep writing like I used to do in class in college....

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