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2003-08-25 - 5:39 p.m.

Charming Sisters Day Spa *** and a half star

Although I haven't frequented other day spas to compare this to-- I have had a professional massage on two prior occassions. Judging by those experiences, today I felt the "stress back treatment" I received was truly a disappointment from what I expected. I guess the lay person actually expects a trained massuse for a service which is $50 an hour. What I received reminded me more like the "RUB"s that the lingere clad hairdressers give at the cheesy place in Buffalo "Exotic Cuts"-- with the exception that there is clearly not an opportunity for a sleezy client to hire the girl for additional illegal services....

In other words, the attendent was not a trained massage therapist. While the environment WAS relaxing, I have to admit that my neck actually HURT when she was done from laying in the position I was in for 45 minutes. But no harm was done- as with a bit of rotating and stretching I did feel wonderful.

On the plus side- I LOVE the whole business model. Its great to have a day spa right outside of Rochester. I think the NAME itself CHARMING SISTERS is worthy of one star. The environment WAS lovely, relaxing, and smelled good. The ambience was set well with relaxing music.

The three stars (and a half I just added to my score!) are because I DID RELAX, I in fact admit I drooled a little. So now that I think of it- the main thing one goes to a spa for is relaxation- and at Charming Sisters they will in fact deliver that rather well! If my expectation had differed I'd likely give it 4 stars. I thought the back treatment would be a deep back massage. It was an exfolliating scrub and rubbing with scented oils, a mask which was applied marvelously hot and then wiped off with hot towels. IT truly is a wonderful way for one to be pampered. And I left there smelling really good- and still do at 6pm.

This treat was a gift from my son Soren who won a local paper's Mother's Day writing contest. What's really nice is that the Back Treatment was an Aug sale for $25- a true bargin at that price for 45 min of pampering!! Because of that deal- I have $20 left of the gift certificate to use. I will call to schedule a manicure in a few weeks which cost that. I plan on doing that on or near my birthday in September. (I am a virgo... if that explains anything about me!)

Its dinner time now, and an old friend and her daughter are arriving in about an hour- so I need to rally the troops to get the house in order. Westley is in Va and said he was sorry to not meet my friend. Soren is excited as my friend is his long lost Godmother who he can't remember as she has lived in London for the past four years!

I am excited to see her and her daughter, who I think is 3 or 4 too!

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