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2003-11-03 - 1:14 p.m.

In the past 24 hrs I have:

Given an enema to a toddler.

Brought another toddler with croup to the ER.

Baked Currant Oat Bran Muffins to encourage a healthy diet. Didn't yet sneak sqash into cooked foods but plan on mixing up a batch of corn bread with that in it later today.

Washed only two loads of laundry (thats about 50% less than average)

Folded 4 loads of laundry and matched counless socks (AS they WERE piling up)

Loaded the dishwasher three times and ran it. Uloaded it twice.

Made two lunches (The older kids overslept today)

Cleaned off tables and chairs a half dozen times.

Cleaned off the floor at least three times with a rag.

Ran the vacume once. (Below average. I let it stay messy this morn and last night)

Made an art project of fish cut out, colored then stuffed. (The reason for skipping the usual morning floor vacuming)

Played "Find the fish" game- hid fish and then sang "Fishes are swimming in COLD water.. they are getting warmer now... Now your hot!!" while toddlers searched for them.

Read various picture books.

Went to the library with all the kids except the youngest croupy girl.

Mediated between a dozen sibling disputes or incidents of sibling jealousy and being mean.

Praised my son on his artistic talent.(The library staff loved his drawing of the Monroe Central Library so much they asked to keep a copy for their use.We granted permission.)

Signed a Model Release for the photographer at the library who snapped pictures of the two oldest as they participated in the program on Arcitecture.

Given four baths.

Put on four different kid videos or TV Shows. THe Wiggles, Arthur and the New Baby, The Beranstain Bears and Little People. (A little more than usual because of the croupy sickness still lingering for the toddlers who have gotten to relax with much TV! WE even skipped church yesterday)

Had one nightmare of an EX mother in law- current Granmother of the older children in which she was undermining my wishes. In the dream she came and when dropping off the kids TOLD me how she'd pick them up in a few weeks and I assertively addressed her controlling presumtive manner by responding "You will do no such thing. You will leave here now, and you can arrange when you will see them next with your son. Don't call here again."

It was a nice empowering end to a nightmare. In REALITY, I was relieved when my daughter was dropped of by grandma who APPROPRIATELY passed a note via her to me in which Grandma THANKED me for allowing the kids to enjoy Halloween and the weekend with her and ASKED if she could pick them up on two different SPECIFIC weekend in NOV! WWhhhheww.... She FINALLY GETS IT!! YAH!! I will be happy to allow them as long as she continues to be respectful and NOT pushy!

Watched a half hour of TV for me Dr. Phil's episode on anger.

Given many hugs. Slept 4 hours Sang many songs. Scheduled two doctor appointments. Wrote a bit.

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