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2004-01-30 - 11:25 a.m.

YAH! Went up to my husband's study and he said "I bought the dress for Katerina. There was a minute left and no one else had bid on it."

I'm glad! She is a hard size to find in that brand, and the Olily dresses are just beautiful and well made. No bids on it I am sure because most girls her size are teenagers and wouldn't be caught dead in a Laura Ingalls Wilder style flannel! But Katerina is a BIG girl for her younger age of 10!

I'm going to try to write now. Working on a short story inspired by what I imagine are the fears of my Ex Mother in Law. Trying to Exaggerate them, and present a story of a woman who creates her own personal hell by being stagnated due to fear of change. Along with what I imagine are her paranoid fears creating her alternate reality... everything in her mind is always exaggerated into the surreal nightmare. I was inspired to write this piece the other day based on a weird comment she made about how she made some copies of some old pictures from "the wedding" of her and her mother and MY parents, and how she sent them to her.

I didn't have the heart to respond "don't expect to hear back from them"

It was just so inappropriate and BIZARRE that this woman was in the kitchen of my house with my currant HUSBAND trying to hold onto the past of a wedding to her son from TEN YEARS AGO!! So very strange, and sad, that I just had to make her character into a tragic one in a story. Life is stranger than fiction. I couldn't come up with such bizzare stuff from my OWN limited and practical imagination!

I am sure my parents won't even MENTION the strange communication and pictures they get from her. God Bless them- they too have to deal with her annoyance!

Oh- and she HAD to bring me some oranges! The same kind that she KNOWS my parents send us a crate of from Florida EVERY February as their special gift to us! Isn't that just STRANGE?? Must keep up with those OTHER grandparents.... Westley REFUSED to even eat one, and said to give them all to Katerina and Soren. I won't go that far. I can eat one without succumbing to her evil manipulative attempts to befriend me.... She's a venemous "friend" I've been warned "not to trust her". Won't say who said that, but they didn't need to tell me! I already have learned! She had CPS called on me TWICE already out of either spite or her delusional fears.The first time was back in NY years ago when Katerina was in Kindergarden.I felt most badly for the workers who have REAL problems to deal with whose time was wasted. It didn't create stress for me to have one come and show up during our structured violin practice when Katerina and Soren were young. The worker literally THANKED me for what she called "the delightful surprise break" from her otherwise busy and stressful day! EVIL "GRANDMOM" had called CPS b/c I went outside to meet the bus with Katerina and left Soren in the crib for all of five minutes! It was during the divorce and just SO ridiculous! Teh CPS worker was SO VERY apologetic and I quickly got a letter the case was "dismissed" etc.... The second time was when she had the VA neighbors "WAtch" to confirm "NEglect" of our poor children who were ostensibly coming home to an empty house each day.... It was beyond their understanding that I would actually send the kids outside to a picnic table to do homework daily in Fall weather if I were home! When CPS came, and the kids were outside as per the usual routine, and I was inside with the OTHER three small children, one of whom was a newborn, the worker was surprised and said "I thought you had TWO children!" "No- five, but the person who egged on the neigbors and had interest in this is REALLY only concerned about two."

That attempt at manipulation was prior to our discussions that we might have to move to California for Westely's job, so I suppose my ex and his mother felt desperate!! He had said "If you do try to move you understand I will do what I have to do" I had responded "O get a full time job so you can afford to visit your kids?"

My only qualm about this is that I would rather NOT have that woman be in my life AT ALL-- let alone find her ideiosyncracys as INSPIRATION ! She doesn't really DESERVE such attention (which is EXACTLY what she craves). So I'l like to finish this piece quickly, mail it out, and move on....

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