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2004-02-02 - 6:06 p.m.

I am lamenting the loss of my Tupperware strainer. I foolishly set it down on a hot burner! Yes- a stove top burner-- My brain misfired and I apparently thought it was the pot the spagetti was in. The fumes of course are horrible for everyone's health.

WE opened all the windows and doors and ate our cold spagetti in the chilly dining room. At least today was a relatively warm day for Rochester, as it was at least 25 degrees out by dinner time. Better than the single digit temperatures we have had recently.

Today was in fact such a nice sunny day that I took the little girls to the Seneca Park Zoo. I have to say that one thing Rochester DOES NOT have to boast of is the local zoo. However, despite the fact its about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 as far as zoos I've been to, the girls still love it, and its small size makes it managable to walk with toddlers. The good news is that it is Expanding so may be eventually be much improved.

Over the summer after our first visit to the zoo here, I took a drive with all the kids to visit The Buffalo Zoo which I think is at least a 7 or 8 as far as zoos go. Its one I am really fond of that has a few fun rides like a train and a carousel and a petting area for kids. It too is somewhat small, but well laid out, and a pleasure to walk through. Some larger zoos are more difficult to manuever with small children.

My teal tupperware strainer made me think of an old college friend who had also been the Maid of Honor at my first wedding that I lost touch with! I bought the now thrown out strainer at her tupperware party over ten years ago. I sadly lost touch with her after she moved to California, and then to LAs Vegas and at some point we lost touch. Oddly, although I have left messages- both written and place in the mail, and phone calls, in care of her mother's house, I haven't heard from here. Strangely, after the wedding I had also dropped some wedding pictures off for her at her house and she later asked me if I had any for her. I told her I dropped some off, but she had not received them! Very strange... but I think her mother had some weird issue with me and never passed them on to her, and I suspect is also not passing on my messages. Its a shame that parents would meddle in their adult children's lives like that- however I have learned not to be surprised by immature and manipulative adult behaviour. Who knows the explaination--- perhaps her mom was racist and offended when I married a Black man. Perhaps she was angered at my friend's insistance that she take her bridesmaid dress home to have her mom finish sewing just days before the wedding when she knew I was struggling to complete the other two girls' dresses I made. Could be the woman has held a grudge and thought I wasn't such a friend to put that burden on her. (Although it wasn't MY idea-- she may not believe that!) Or it sadly could be that my friend herself has chosen to move on with her life and doesn't wish to maintain contact. However the last place she visited was my apartment before she headed west, so I can't really believe that.

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