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2004-02-06 - 5:41 p.m.

Its not yet Valentines Day, however my husband is an impatient man, so couldn't hold himself back from giving me a Valentine gift that he ordered that arrived in the mail today! He bought me a book off my Amazon wish list: MAdeline L'Engle's A Live Coal in the Sea! I am so excited to read this as when I was a teenager I read EVERYTHING she had ever written... but failed to pay attention to what she published AFTER that! So a few months ago I did a search for her to discover that this favorite author of mine has been prolific in the past twenty years, and I have LOTS of her work to read! The wish list is SUCH a great feature at Amazon! We have bought gifts off of it for a few family and friends who were presently surprised we found their lists, and my husband and I have both now delighted each other with unexpected gifts from our own lists! So check it out and do a search for your family and friends to see who you know that happens to have an Amazon list!

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