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2004-02-07 - 12:16 p.m.

The edited version I dropped in the mail this morning after Westley kindly read it and gave me some helpful feedback:

Valentine’s Day

It’s been years since

I had to conceal with Cover Girl

the chafing of my chin

caused by the rubbing of your beard

from kissing you for hours.

Years since the valentine

tantalizingly read

Consider the possibilities

accompanied by candles and rose petals

And years since that Fall

when we gazed less at each other

and instead flung insults and harsh wounding words

amid crayons of children

and frustration of adults,

when dinner was burned and milk was spilled

and the fantasy failed to unfold.

It’s been years since we traveled phases of grief

from not so original sin

and years since we’ve learned the capacity for growth

and forgiveness that followed.

Also years since you would acknowledge Valentine’s day

as it had been marred by disillusionment,

the annual reminder

of unwillingness to forgive and forget all

Because Some love is conditional

Yet just last week

you came home from the store

and I saw the chocolate lollipop

that you hid

with pink icing declaring “I love you”

And you opened a bag of tiny hearts

read yours that

said “Kiss me”

as you enfolded me in your embrace

with a kiss

like those that used to cause chafing.



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