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2004-02-12 - 9:14 a.m.

YAH!! Got a call yesterday from a law office I did work for last year. A man I assisted in navigating throught the Naturalization process called them to say he passed his Interview yesterday and the secretary immediately called me to pass on his cell phone # so I could talk to him! Just a few weeks ago the office had called me to say that he hadn't heard ANYTHING about the application-- so I was so relieved to hear this news! In 3 to 6 mos he'll be citizen after living and working in Loudoun VA as a farm laborer and raising his family of five children, three of whom were born in Mexico but were here as infants when he came with his family in the 1980s as a permanent resident alien during an amnesty program sponsored by INS at the time. The only diappointing thing is that his two oldest are twins who turned 18 this JAN so they just miss the chance to actually become citizens based on his status! They will also have to apply. he already told me he wishes the office (and that means me) to do the work on assising with the applications when I am back in VA. All good news! I told him I want to know when the swearing in ceremony is as I'd like to go celebrate along with his family! He said he'd be honored. Its a first for me professionally! I am so very pleased! This man has coached soccer and been involved in the community and his church for years as well as done HARD labor for MANY of the wealthy Middleburg familys, paid his taxes, has bought a plot of land and keeps working toward that dream of his! (And of course without any health care or benefits) He is so very deserving of the rights of citizenship along with his hard working wonderful family.

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