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2004-05-27 - 5:50 p.m.

Whheww..... I got really scared when I couldn't log into this site a few minutes ago. For some reason it wouldn't work and I thought my diary disappeared! I shut down the whole computer, turned it back on, and tried again and it has worked! YAH!

Now I know it looks like I don't frequent this site OFTEN-- but in my defense, although this is embarassing.... I have visited and written FAR more times than you know! See, I have this ridiculous habit of making the same mistakes not once, or twice, but OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Its a trait which I assure you drives me as crazy as it does other people! I can't tell you how many times I have sat and written detailed, lengthly entries for over an hour to only hit that "ADD AN ENTRY" button upon completion!

That of course is NOT the correct "DONE" button to hit if one ACTUALLLY wants to post their thoughts!

The good news of this is that it is ALSO typical that these mystery entrys have included MUCHO personal info-- which it really is likely not prudent to have on a web site anyway! SO my folly has served as a self editing tool... .perhaps my subconsius which is undoubtedly smarter than my consious self has kicked in when needed... Hmmm....

I recently wrote of planing. Not sure if I lost that entry or not. But in any case, there are LOTS of seeds that have taken well. Will need to thin out the plants within the next few days. In particular, the seeds of a delicious Honeydew melon which we bought at the local grocery stort that has a sticker on it indicating it was an import from Chili have sprouted like mad.

Chilean Honeydew.... it was delicious so hopefully the geese and deer don't eat those emerging plants.

The seeds from a recently eaten pepper don't seem to have taken.

There are LOTS of pumpkin , eggplant and okra coming up. The sunflowers looked like they came up, as did the cucumber, however they are hard to find now. So either they were eaten by the wildlife, or they remain really small and are hard to see among the grass and weeds also emerging. I'll know in a few more days when I weed for the first time.

And the Radishes! NOt sure WHERE they are! UNfortunately while we had a lot of needed rain, it was so powerful that it washed the markers clean-- so I don't know what is in ALL The plots! I can't remember.... I forget where the radishes were planted! So I need to wait a few more weeks to see if they are recognizable anywhere!

Westley is in NY for the closing on the house which is tommorrow. He stopped by Katerina's old school there to pick up the incentives she earned by reading 80 Newbery books this year between Sept and MArch! He said He felt honored, and proud of her and he "felt like he was related to an important dignitary" the way they welcomed him at the office and enthusiastically introduced him to the teachers who were around. The school was SO PROUD of her accomplishment! They set up those incencentive programs/clubs and apparently not that many students end up preforming to the level Katerina has!

One of the toddlers just wrote all over the cover of a book. Its Drummer Hoff.... one I actually AM NOT fond of. However it is my husband's from when HE was a kid- and WAS in immpecable condition... so off to time out!

Bye now! (See what happens when I do take the time to write!)

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