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2004-06-02 - 10:32 p.m.

Still haven't set up my own computer.... and I feel like writing now as I have an idea in my head-- I guess a short story might be the right genre for this. Here's the start as I feel like typing it and this will preserve it for future reference and work for me. I can't find any of my boxed paper journals right now - So here goes while my creative spurt has hit:

"Laura!!" Walter bellowed from the bathroom.

"Yes?" She called back from the kitchen where she was doing dishes.

"Did you try to catch flies up here?"

"Yes- There were a bunch, so I hung the fly paper up there."

"What the fuck! Are you an idiot! This is a newly painted ceiling!"

"I know, but I carefully placed it next to the part which has a hole already."

"But now there is glue on the ceiling too! Take it off!"

"OK" responds Laura who emerges into the bathroom, and climbs the windowsill to remove the fly paper hanging from the ceiling.

"All you ever do is make work for me!"

"Sorry. I didn't think it would be a problem. I didn't mean to create work for you. I intentionally put it next to the part which had a hole ALREADY as I thought you were going to fix that anyway."

"I don't want to hear 'Sorry'! Sorry doesn't fix it!"

Well I wasn't! But now I have to."

"Why? Why not leave it? The hole from the thumbtack is not noticable."

"Are you fucking kidding me? Now there is glue there too so I HAVE to fix it!! You and your kids. All you ever do is make work for me. Freddie! HE had to be an asshole and drag that box through the hall! He messed up the whole molding I JUST painted! Now I have to do it again!"

"He's just a little kid. Not an asshole- Kids do things like that without being aware."

"YOu all CONTINUALLY make MORE AND MORE WORK FOR ME! HAve you noticed the grass is like six feet tall outside?"

Laura doesn't respond, but calmly folds laundry while sitting on their bed. Walter repeats the question, "HAVE you noticed???"

She says quietly, "Yes. I did notice its getting a bit long."

Walter starts to yell again, "All you ever do is MAKE WORK for me! I have enough to do already!"

She calmly replies " It's your choice to do it."

Walter becomes enraged, flinging the laundry basket onto the bed. In fury he says "IT's MY FAULT???"

Laura continues to fold laundry and answered, "I didn't say it was your fault."

"No - but you said it is my CHOICE"

"Yes, you don't HAVE to fix every little thing that's not perfect. I don't think its fair of you to blame me for creating work for you because you are a perfectionist."

"But you CREATE the work!! If it weren't for you and the kids I wouldn't have half the work I do! Its my house, and if I want to fix it then I have the right to! I'll kick you all out if this keeps up. I'm sick of it."

Laura continued to fold the laundry. Clearly ignoring the last comments of Walter, she said "I could fix the hole." Walter scoffed, "You don't know how." Laura replied "It's not that hard. I have done it before." He said, "You'll just mess it up and create more work for me. If you really want to help, clean up the paintbrush for me after I re-paint the molding without complaining." Laura answered, "OK, I'll be glad to do that." Walter then went to the hallway to re-paint the molding. He called to Laura just moments later "Can you come get this brush?" She asked "Are you done already? That didn't take long!" to which Walter replied "I'll be done by the time you get here." Laura put down the laundry and went to the hall. In another minute she took the wet paintbrush Walter handed her, and he calmly asked her "Will you move that cardboard box in the kitchen into the basement? Its full of extra glassware we don't need now." Walter replied, "Thanks. I'm tired.I'm going to bed." Laura replied "Sure" then headed downstairs to wash the brush, then finish cleaning the kitchen before going to bed. P>

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