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2004-06-24 - 7:05 p.m.

I had a lovely day with the little girls at our friends house today. My friend has two toddlers close in age to two of my girls, so it was a little girl bash. They were singing and dancing and having a blast. Very funny to watch when they created their own songs with a keyboard and microphone.

Orange glazed chicken smells delicious as it is just about ready for dinner. Mmmm.... It has a honey, mustard orange sauce I'll momentarily cook down which is amazing over rice.

Westley and Soren should be back soon from a Home Depot run, and the girls Noah's Ark video is playing the final song "Get on Board true believers in the power of the lord..." I think it actually has great southern style gospel music accompanying it which was a surprise when I first put it on for them. Most of the religious videos we get from Grandma don't have such good music.

Katerina is in Fl where today she went to Cape Canaveral (not sure how that's spelled.. no time to look it up so bear with me!) with Grandpa and an Uncle. Talked to my mom to see if she was there as if so I would have had her call her Dad in NY. We got a message last night that the plans for him to pick up Katerina and Soren for the summer this Sat had to be cancelled. I let Soren call and talk to his DAD. Soren is being very understanding and mature about the whole thing. Katerina gets back from Fl tommorrow night, so I'll just talk to her about it Sat morning after she wakes up.

So the little girls will at least get more time with their big brother and sister this summer than expected. And I'll get to help Katerina get motivated and organized to do her summer projects for her honors classes next Fall as she starts middle school. She's scheduled to be taking Pre Algebra which may be a bit too much for her. So the time with me will be good because I'd like to work with her on math a bit so either she is prepared for that, or we determine the regular honors track of accelerated math is more suitable.

So that's the bright side of the change.

Good to focus on the bright side when the kids plans don't happen as expected!

Cranky toddlers now- time to get them to the table to eat.

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