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2004-07-31 - 3:07 a.m.

I'm in a stunned mood right now. Feeling quite shocked and numb in a way. Katerina was punched in the head by a nameless person who was angered at her. I called the police. It was a step I don't regret, and don't think I'll regret- however it has resulted in an Order of Protection and me nervouly here with all the doors locked and the exterior lights and alarms on.

I'll just say: Violence is Violence is Violence.... no matter what its form, and when someone is violent against any of MY FAMILY I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT! PARTICULARLLY WHEN IT IS DIRECTED AGAINST CHILDREN!

Unfortunately the timing is just SO HORRIBLE.... but how can that be avoided when people with rage problems are NOT RATIONAL and you can't PREDICT such incidents..... however I feel MOST horrible that we were ALL suppossed to go to a wedding tommorrow, at which I was suppossed to read one of the readings. The unnamed person is ALSO supposed to be there.... so I just HAVE to recind at the last minute.

The dilemma.... not sure HOW I CAN tell my good friend the bride I am reniging on the reading without upsetting her on her wedding day! I DO NOT want her to even KNOW about this issue..and worry on her wedding day. Its a huge dilemma.

Although I don't REGRET having called the police, I do admit I was just reacting in the moment and hadn't thought through ALL The consequences of that call! (Like the fact it would result in a warrant, and a court order of protection, etc.... and all on the day of the big wedding!!!!) Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20: Had I been thinking more calculated myself I would have put off pressing charges until AFTER the wedding, as you have a pretty decent time frame to report and press charges in such incidents. I suppose that is a little known fact- one which I SHOULD have been conscious of. But there were other factors too.... like threats made TO ME which prompted me to act as I did.

So BASICALLY.... our recently stable life is back in soap opera status. UGH!!!

I pray my actions address a problem and make it BETTER in the long run rather than merely exasperate the situation now!

Good news: On Sun MOrn Katerina and bro Soren are heading to visit their Dad in NY who called about a week ago to arrange that. They are very excited about this and intend to be there for the whole month of August. Of course that may be a problem as this legal can of worms was opened and Katerina is supposed to travel... Hope its not a problem.

I just ate a sandwich as I had missed dinner to go to the wedding reheasal! Need to go to bed now! Not much good worrying will do.

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