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2004-08-23 - 4:34 p.m.

NEW BABY BORN 8/14/03 She is just beautiful ! Needs to eat now- just started to cry as I write so this is a short entry.

Ahh... the benefits of nursing, I can nurse and type ever so slowly....

took a break and am back as the littlest one is now napping.

KAterina and Soren went to visit their Dad on 8/1/04 I just was served papers ordering to appear on 8/26 or "AS soon as possible" in Erie County family court as their Dad decided to petition for custody. Considering that the last I spoke to them they had slept at his new abode 2X so far and are REALLY in the care of his mother, I think it really silly of him to try for that!

He never wanted them before- and in fact couldn't even get them in June as planned! He constantly renigs on plans- nothing new. But now that my husband and I have an issue about appropriate discipline in parenting, he is using this as a means to manipulate. CPS has been called on us multiple times for frivolous issues.... This time I myself have a concern about discipline being overboard, so I am addressing it and made the mistake of telling Katerina and Soren's father about it!

Good news is that my hubby and I are back in marriage counseling with a fabulous counselor, and I am sure we'll work through our parenting issues, and deal with the current situation.

The seed we sow..... I wish I knew Shakesphere better as I am sure he had an apt quote I could cite now!

Well, I'll be trecking up to Buffalo! Maybe It will end up being a fun visit w/ friends after I take care of the legal obligations. It would be great to get to take the baby and show her off and catch up with some old friends! We'll see if Westly is supportive of me traveling with her or not. He just started a new job, so I am inclined to take the trip with all the kids as we haven't any sitters available (due to the fact we never go out and are homebodies!) My sister in law starts work on Thu so she can't watch them.

Off to make dinner. Leftovers tonight as we had a nice dinner last night with friends over and there are ample leftovers of manicotti and meatballs. MMmmmm......

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