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2004-10-28 - 4:16 p.m.

I don't knowif I wrote about this-- but two weeks after the new baby was born I was sitting nursing her and reading one of those Baby magazines (the ones I typicalluy find relly boring after having SIX children... but it was free from the hospital so I took it.) I read "Only on TV do new mom's leave the hospital in their old jeans from high school. I happened to be wearing a pair of old white pants which I recalled were given to me by my brother Bri one Christmas-- yes in High School!! Just a little thing to boast of which made me feel pretty good! THe secret to staying healthy and trim? Perpetually running after toddlers... so it won't work for most of you as it takes a certain type of insanity to continually have babies :)

On that note, I think this time Westely and I are REALLY done with having children.

WE have our hands happily full as it is, and we have so many issues to work on between us, and we have this mess of a custody case with KAterina and Soren's Dad.... its just not a good time to expand the family EVEN MORE! So perhaps I will stop with this little girl who is baby # 6 and is two months old now.

ITs starting to get cold here. I am surprised KAterina and Soren's Dad hasn't made the effort to take a drive down here to get all their warmer clothes. I did mail their winter coats and dress shoes to them about six weeks ago so they'd have them.

When I saw them last I discovered KAterina has not been wearing her reading glasses, took note of Soren's yellow looking teeth and the excessive wax coming out of his ears. I had a chat with him about those hygiene issues- and last week mailed them reminder post cards: WEAR YOUR GLASSESS

and CLEAN YOUR EARS. I guess BRUSH your teeth can be next weeks postcard.

SEE _ EVEN from Afar, as many have said, "You'll always be their mother."
I HAVEN"T LOST THAT PARENTAL NAGGING RIGHT.... its just sad I still have to USE it!! (When here we were at the point where I DID NOT have to nag about those things too much.... regression!)
So the two kids there are loving being with their friend DADDY. He is a nice guy-- but never caught that article that indicates TOP 10 Parenting Mistakes that listed Being your child's best friend.
So I am still worrying about them every day, but at least now I am sleeping every night as well.
I joined a Community Bible Study on the recommendation of our neighbor and friend Gail. It is a terriffic non-denominational group and I am very pleased with it (As they are not ANTI Catholic as some are!) I am finding reading Proverbs to be very centering, affirming and grounding- an dmost of all it gives me a sense of peace. I am pleased its helping me alot!
They have classes for EACH one of the little girls! So the smallest toddlers now get to go to "BIBLE SCHOOL" once a week and they are just THRILLED by this! ITs a fantastic program, and is run by a large national group called Community Bible Study that has classes all over the U.S. if this interests you.
I thought it interesting that I was reading, and quoted to my husband as he went to work yeaterday morn that the reading of the day, Proverbs of being a "good woman" indicated she is one who purchases a field then plants a vinyard! I was joking to my husband about that... as with my cooking, sewing, and domestic skills, the planting of a vinyard and selling of my wares is one of the few things the reading indicates that I HAVEN't done. THen later in the day I was finishing reading Cokie Robert's book my mom sent me for mother's day, and she cited the exact quote. It was odd.... or maytbe that's the wrong word. Hmmm.... SO if I start looking into what it takes to grow grapes don't be surprised :)
(However in my need and seeking support through faith I haven't yet become a fundamentalist....)

In any case, it WAS relaxing to read that the good woman is SUPPOSSED to leave her candle burning all night as she is busy working preparing the meat for the family... and her maidens that help her.... SEE THE BIBLE ORDAINES WE NEED TO HIRE HOUSEHOLD HELP! Hmm.... need to take that up with Westley! Although I typically have DISHES and LAUNDRY to occupy me in the wee hours of the morn... not butchering... it still made me feel better to some extent that after the discussion of the work of the good woman up all night, that SHE WILL BE REWARDED...
Bring it on!
In seriousness though, Proverbs really is just full of good common sense! It really is great reading, and very spiritually as well as practically fulfilling reading. I never really actually studied the Bible before and am finding it a wonderful experience!

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