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2004-11-23 - 10:40 a.m.

On Sunday, a wonderful time was had as the family and friends who could be here celebrated the baptism of our newest baby who is now three months old.

I did joke about how I have to someday write a short story about my amazing entertaining ability! (HA HA!... it would really detail the total disorganization and humorous thing of the typical ADD hostess who THINKS she has it all together! A quote from the day: Right after sister in law was talking about having borrowed maternity clothing, and about the sonogram results.... I announced "OH! My sister in law is pregnant!" ...then my brain processed what had been discussed 5 minutes before and I quickly said, "And I'm ADD.... opps... she was just talking about the pregancy wasn't she?" My comment did get a few sympatheic understanding laughs) Great thanks to my neighbor and friend Gail who took over and organized things! Westley was having a great time socializing and visiting with everyone, and starting something then runnning off to the next thing JUST LIKE ME so Gail helped us get it all together.

WE also were proud to HAVE BEEN ON TIME at the church! THat's a milestone! The FIRST time we have actually been on time for any of these big family functions!

This morning we went to the library to go to story hour, and as we were in the lobby the two year old headed to the bathroom. She announced she had to go to the bathroom (She wears diapers and is in the phase of ptetending to use the toilet-- early potty training behaviour.) The three year old who just decided last week it was time for underwear and stayed dry a # of days in a row, then announced "I'm wet"

Unfortunately we had rushed out to get the 4 yr old to preschool and I failed to check the diaper bag.... so it had no clean underwear. So we are now home where the 3 yr old is cleaned up. We are now heading out to go to the THanksgiving Party at the Preschool. So we missed story time, but we'll be on time for the school party instead!

I am also happy that in our brief library visit I noticed an adult book discussion group which meets next Tue night to discuss a book I happen to have read called Peace Like a River by Leif Enger. It was a terriffic book that the Rochester Writers and Books used for their "If All Rochester Read the Same Book " program last Spring. I read it too late to share in any of those planned activities, so am excited to have signed up for the book group here!

Other interesting news: There is a full time job posting for an AA for the lawyer I work with. I am actually sending him a cover letter and resume today. I bet he'll laugh.... I hope he consider me- maybe we can work something out. I think in that role I'll learn more that I need for the BAR exam than any other way. It might be a good stepping stone if he'll consider me knowing it is just that- a temporary way for me to focus on the nitty gritty law. Interesting to see how he responds! I am tempted to fax two resumes... one for his file, and an editorialized one that includes "Attended WESTLEY BOOT CAMP 1999-present " Westley really HAS whipped me into shape so to speak! % years ago I wouldn't have even CONSIDERED an AA job-- requires too many organizational skills I don't inherently have... But I have LEARNED many. I think I could do a decent job. We'll see what Bill the Boss thinks!

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