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2004-12-07 - 10:13 p.m.

It turned out the job posting for an AA at a "busy Middleburg law firm" was after all NOT the firm I freelance out of! (WOW! Middleburg has MORE than one busy law office?)

I attempted to fax my resume obsessively for DAYS... however the receiving fax NEVER was responding-- EXCEPT, and this is the weird part- one time it DID receive my cover letter, but as my machine only picked up that and failed to feed the corresponding resume following, I had to re-dial to re-connect to send the resume and the receiving fax WOULDN"T CONNECT!

My cover letter DID have my phone # but they didn't call to inquire about the mysteriously missing resume. (Hey- if I gor a fax of only a cover letter w/o the resume it wouldn't make ME impressed the person has AA skills!! I'd want an AA who can send out the whole damn thing correctly the first time.... one who KNOWS how to work the fax with all its quirky feeding of paper issues! One who is efficient and doesn't have to make the fax call MULTIPLE times running up my office expenses.... etc...)

The good news is that the VERY week I was trying to send that out I got a call from a former client who wants me to help his wife now become naturalized!

The bad news is that last Wed I was SO EXCITED to be getting dressed up to go to the office and meet my client---- but I screwed up! I initially set up a 12:30 appt using the conference room-- which I booked by the secretary. But the client said his wife couldn't come then, but could be there later so I re-scheduled it for 3:30pm. THEN I FORGOT TO CALL THE SECRETARY TO CONFIRM THE CONFERENCE ROOM WAS AVAILABLE THEN!! (That is until 1pm on the said day!) I called and asked if it was available at 3:30, and told her I was meeting him then. She said "NO"

I went anyway-- arriving at 3:30 sharp, to find my prospective client was there at 3pm and was sent away!!

UGHH !! My screw up...

Westley is calling- write more soon I hope!

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