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2004-12-10 - 1:35 p.m.

I just counted and realize I have writtn about 100 entries in this journal! WOW! Time flies!

We enjoyed a nice morning at the CBS class where the little ones sang all the Bible songs for us. Westley came and he was impressed by the quality of the lecture that followed. The teaching director spoke interperting the end of Song of Songs- the discussion revolved around marital love as the book exhibits. The speaker was incredible in discussing sexuality so openly and comfotably and expressed that Christians NEED to be more comfortable taking about sex because if WE DON"T talk to our children and teach them about it- they then learn from everyone else! It was a fantastic presentation. We both looked at each other when the speaker talked of how we are to nurture our relationships and take time out of life for just each other! WE need to do that as we have never made it a priority- so it was good to hear that together! King Solomon and his bride are shown going through the normal trials of marriage and then having to take time to re-connect and re-discover their love for each other. It was very affiriming, Toddler crying-- need to go tend to her!

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