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2005-01-24 - 12:58 p.m.

I recently was brousing links... I can't recall how I came across one for a Personal Life Coach, but fouind myself reading someone's "Life Coaching" ad. I bookmarked the page as a self motivating reminder to keep on track with my own goals.

I think for some people a "Life Coach" is an absolutely FANTASTIC personal investment! IT keeps one accountable and on track with goals if they don't have it within themself to be disciplined. I in fact think everyone could benefit from what I see as a personal "Jimminy Cricket" looking over one's shoulder- reminding one to be true to thyself."

I am attempting to use this forum as my own motivator. Its a good tactic to WRITE goals down to review later.

Its also motivating to be ANSWERABLE to someone in order to have that extrinsic motivation.
Although I don't know if anyone reads this at all... I think I can use my PRIDE as my own motivator. A quality which is often a source of a fall for me (isn't it truly the root of much evil??) I think I can harness my pride to be useful in a positive way.

If I WRITE goals here- my theory is I will be more inclined to FOLLOW THROUGH as SOMEONE might someday read them and ask me how I'd doing!

How's that for using plain old ego and self pride in a good way?

Hopefully I can answer-- "OH yes! I've achieved that goal!"

So here's the update thus far:
Last week I did indeed take the little three to the dentist
Who I'm finally giving names:

Toddler # 1 Sadie- Age 4 (Becuase I like that as a very unsual name in my northern world... but likely common here in the South... and the youngest is indeed the Southern Born Gal of my bunch)
Toddler #2 Katie - Age 3- the one with the strongest personality who has named her dolls all after herself! They are all a bunch of Katies!

Toddler # 3 Raetlin Age 2 Not ure of the spelling, but if needed I'll correct that later. Picking this name as I first heard it from a HS friend Jenny O'Brian who married a good Irishman and they now run an Irish Pub out on eastern LI. She named her daghter this. I then heard a version of it sung by Katerina and Soren who came home and sang an Irish folk song that sounded like "The Rat Lan Bug" to me.. over and over and taught the little ones it in various permetations with improvised always changed lyrics. This summer at the Wedding of O so good irish american friend Peter O'Shaughnessy I was happy to meet reeal Irish gals who he knew from time spent there in a L' Arche community a few years back (where he worked... along with my good friend Soren's Godmother who it was a blast to see at the wedding... We got a kick out of figuring out we were the table of Ex Dates that didn't go far in relationship w/ Peter who has the distinction of being MY WORST DATE EVER.... though still a great friend... But I digress.... that's another story... leave it at he wouldn't dance and drank all night seriously discussing something like Kirgegard or some othe angst filled philosopher while I didn't exactly have angst on my mind at the time... OH- and he was talking to another friend while I DANCED with yet other friends!! YEs the worst date ever.... I think we found each other at the end of the night just so someone had the obligatory ride home....)Anyway, another of his failed datees, a lovely Irish Gal, was amazed to hear of the singing of the traditional folk tune in our American schools.. especially since they learned it here in the then boonies of what used to be rural Northwestern VA... and I was excited to FINALLY hear the REAL LYRICS that I was able to share with the girls who love to belt this tune at any opportunity! ITs THE RAITLIN BOG, and indeed is a REAL BOG somewhere in Ireland. I also picked this name as not only does toddler #3 love to sing the song with her sisters, but she indeed really HAS a real Irish name as she was born shortly after Westley had traveled for business all over Ireland.

The densist appointment went well after a good tantrum over going by KAtie. She was clearly petrified! I intended on not mentioning where we were going until AFTER she was dressed. I slipped up and made the mistake of telling her to hurry as we had to go to the dentist soon! At that KAtie promptly HID and then it took the next half hour of her hiding and protesting before she successfully worked through her issue and dressed. I basically patiently waited it out and tried to reassure her. She had a bad experience as she banged her teeth some months back and required a thorough exam and X- Rays and follow up as she had jarred her front tooth pretty badly. Amazingly, with just a bit of reassurance and waiting her out (although she did indeed bite me at one point, and scratched and kicked) she apparently was reassured enough by the promise of a reward for good behavior if she did well there! Yes I know her behavior is not quite the norm... she's three... and I am prepared for my potential "special needs" girl should she not be able to harness her energy POSTIVELY in social settings. But she was GREAT this visit! (The last time the dental assistant did get a few swift kicks from her- I can't say enough good things about this FANTASTIC OFFICE! DR SEARS in HERNDON, VA who is listed as one of the top 100 dentists nationally by some organization and who I note is linked on some sites in particular for those with disabilitys looking for someone good for pediatric care.) In any case, I put those soft sneakers on that morning (despite snow outside) and was glad that precaution wasn't needed as KAtie worked out her fears with me before we left and then was an angel the whole ride and whole visit! Amazing.... I wonder sometimes if she is the reason for my life experiences as a manager of a group home and with disabled for years. If it were not for that I am sure I would be challenged by how to handle her. She's such a great energetic FUN and HAPPY kid though despite those moments resulting from clear communication difficulty and fear. We all have them- some just need more help in learning how to handle them.

My only disappointment with the dental visit is that despite my great planning and checking with the insurance about what is covered : (I exam annually, cleanings twice a year) ANd making the appointment for cleanings only--- i SPAZZED while there and when the DR came over to EXAMINE The girls... I let him! I even said to him "I just scheduled cleanings" but her sid "Oh this is how we do it..." and I complacently responded "Oh OK" LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT!!! I hate when busy watching all three toddlers and taken off guard and roped into UNNECESSARY and UNWANTED medical services. This is something I have encountered SO MANY TIMES. To be fair I WAS NOT ASSERTIVE and it wasn't Dr. Sears but a new yonger dentist he is TRYING to establish business as I think the older incredible Doc is preparing for the day he retires. THe younger guy WAS VERY GOOD and Maybe was just doing what he was Told and expected to do. HE did it VERY WELL .... he even managed to scrape tarter off Raetlin's teeth in between her clamping down without sustaining any bites. He tries to use humor (although isn't NEARLY as funny nor entertaining as Dr. SEars... Dr SEARS is AMAZING as he is such a wacko at times he just distracts the kids and the exam is done before they know it and they have laughed the whole time! Kind of like that Doc Robin Willima played... What's that movie?? Anyway... YOu have to on guard at all times when seeking ANY medical care. I swear the medical community puts on the hard sell BETTER than any used car dealer! And they get us in the GUILT zone so we can barely resist! I found this dentist through my pediatrician when Katie took the fall and needed follow up. My pediatrician takes her kids to him and described Dr. Sears as "HE's crazy! HE REALLY IS-- and its just great!"
My girls loved him as he is the only man they EVER met besides their Daddy who used their Daddy's joke "When I was a little girl..." which had them all howling with laghter when he said it! I knew then that I liked him! HE also looks like Westley in some ways- with the same coloring and beard and a bit of excess weight. He also is quite brilliant and I found myself in a lengthy conversation with him about SO MANY things that first visit... that's what he does-- goes off on this FASCINATING tangental conversations with WHATEVER his clients are interested in... and he's a font of REAL interesting information.

I'm still bothered I can't remember the name of the doc.... WAIT GOT IT PATCH ADAMS.
Interestingly, my kids pediatrician who thought my comparison was apt told me she knows him as well and that PAtch Adam's clinic used to be right in VA in Blumount... or Berryville (one of those two) about a half hour west of where I am! I have to look that up. Interesting! (Of course I think he runs a loony bin- which I have no need for ...YET....HA HA.. I am sure I just used a horrible politically incorrect insesitive word I would never have uttered back in the days of being a "health and
human services" worker.... )

TO_ TAKE UP THE Billing with the Dentist office. Tell them I make the appt for cleaning but the Dr insited.... so they only bill for cleaning and we don't have $300 in uncovered and unwanted unnecessary medical services I never asked or scheduled for. Had I not been distracted I would have been more assertive in the moment-- but I did have Raitlin vying to run around hoping to play with them dental tools, was holding the baby etc...

Oh and the baby... hmmmm not yet a strong personality so I don't know WHAT to name her. Alexy... there it is... I have a book West of Rehobth on my Desk which is this month's pick for the book club at the library. It's by Alexs D. Pate. the feminine Alexy will do for my psydoname via default as nothing else came to mind. And I haven't even STARTED to read the book. Now I REALLY hope it's good!

Check off another task done I've been meaning to get to! Maybe it will be easier to read this now if all parties are named!

LAst week I ALSO went to my Dr after not seeing him for FOUR YEARS as I am generally healthy and have relied on my OB/Gyn only in the later months of each pregnancy for care. (See I really do shun from unnecessary medical care and expenses!)

I got the T.. something T3 T4 ??? whatever thyroid testing done. Results back and NORMAL! YAH!! Still was good to rule that out. I can chalk up the falling out of hair to excessive dryness due to nursing and keeping the house extra dry so as to avoid mold problems!

I can attribute my memory problem and inattentiveness to what I am sure is undiagnosed ADD.

And I can attribute any tiredness to being NORMAL as a mother of a five month old and other kids.... and my sleeping tons earlier in life as preparation for lack of sleep now!(My college girl friends all make that joke as I constantly fell asleep in class... whenever attempting to stay up to write a paper etc...DURING TESTS!..I never took a lengthy test I didn't nap through.. including the BAR exam. I think that too is the ADD stuff.

I enjoyed a lovely weekend of snowy weather with Westley and the girls. He actually made it out without a problem on SAt to stock up at COSCO which was so kind of him so I don't have to go! I had a great morning with a long bubble bath in the luxurious big tub with Katie! She loved the one on one time while Alexy slept!

Sunday Westley again went out to COSCO as on SAT he found bunkbeds on clearance he just couldn't pass up! He had to re-configure the car so they'd fit (taking out all the child seats) I had intended to visit a friend and hoped to go, and he was supportiv- despite his concerns about ME driving in bad weather. But I didn't hear from her and think she must have assumed NO ONE would be crazy enough to drive in the bad weather! (I of course am so starved for NON KID attention! ANd with Westely now traveling for work alot when he is home I hope to have a balance of nice time with him and nice time while he babysits and I get away for a change!) I felt a bit guilty I didn't call on Sun. Just got busy and then it was so late. But Westley agreed to sit for another visit one weekend when she's free. So that's nice... and we'll eventually catch up.

Not much else new. Waiting to hear from the one attny as to whether I can still make use of his office. If I don't hear from him today I am going to RE-route the work through ANOTHER attny! I need someone to "supervise" my work and have another attny who just opened his own practice here in Purcellville this year who indicated he's call me to consult if anyone walks in with an immigration concern. So I'm going to call him this afternoon should the other one blow me off. (I think the other attny is blowing me off! IT is due to my screw up with sceduling the use of the conference room about a month ago then not calling to cancel AHEAD of time. The receptionist was real pissy about it... and I am sure they made it out to sound worst than it was. Typicall catty office girls as the attny calls these middle aged women.... They all seemed to resent me sauntereing in only a few times a year to use their services... and I CAN"T really blame them! Although I thought I was always respectful that last error was truly not respectful ... so I'll take my lump and live and learn!)

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