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2005-01-28 - 10:37 a.m.


Hi- I have a diaryland acct that I really enjoy using. My one complaint is that I have SO OFTEN written an entry to only accidentally delete it when done by clicking the "add an entry " button!

YES it's dumb

And yes IT MAY JUST BE ME however-- I also assume if it happens to me it is likely other users who are also afflicted with my same lack of attention to detail ALSO do the same thing and fail to SCROLL down to find the DONE button!

I thought I should call this to your attention FINALLY

My suggestion is that when one hits the ADD and ENTRY, maybe the window can open on a new page that has all the other links EXCEPT THAT "ADD AND ENTRY" ONE??? Then I know the problem would be avoided for me..... as nothing else would make sense but to find the proper DONE button!

I would be ever so grateful and more inclined to become a PAYING customer should this error be fixed! As much as I like your site, that one problem is a limitation for me which would be enough incentive to try other sites out in comparison.

Thanks for your anticipated attention to this!

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