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2005-02-12 - 7:32 p.m.

Today the little girls and I enjoyed the YOung People's Concert Myth and Magic:

It was really nice to see Marjorie who Katerina has studied Music Theory with at Little Motzart Academy, as she is the principal violinist of the 2nd Violins for the Loudoun Symphony. It was also nice to see one of the violinists named Temple play in the Youth Orchestra. Temply sat next to Katerina in the Middle School Orchestra she had played with last year and a few years before. (Katerina was playing with the sixth graders in the county at the middle school as early as fourth grade as that was her music skill level so they were kind enough to accomodate her.)

It was a fun program with John Williams' music from Harry Potter which I am sure Katerina would be envious she didn't get to play.... Oh well....

The girls LOVED the music that sounded like WHALES singing. My favorite was Staravinsky which brings back memories of studying the Symphony way back in High School when I took a course through St. John's University for college credit while at Sacred Heart Academy. It brought back memories for some reason of Mrs. Margie Dr Camp Morales who just would ride my lazy butt in ballet class, which I figured out at some point,was with fondness and a sense of my promise. (No Margie- I never did anything with that.....)

At 6pm sharp I started cooking dinner, and thanks to a shortcut of a can of Franco American Southern Style Cream gravey I picked up off the Clearance GIANT rack (as it didn't have MSG!) , and leftover chicken and mixed veggies that didn't go over well, in about 40 minutes flat we sat down to an amazing Chicken Pot Pie AND a Tomato Pie!!

I was just shocked by the great flavor of the Morton Spices Jar of Chives that made the tomato pie suprisingly good! I impressed myself with the ease and quickness of whipping up those recipes which I now know by heart as they are my favorite quick big family comfort foods. It seems that even when there is not much left in the house I almost always have at least a can of Swanson Chicken and frozen veggies to throw together with flour and butter and milk for a quick drop biscuit crust. Tonight we had a REAL chicken so it was even better... rather than canned as in the emergency provisions.

WE started dinner late tonight as after the concert while the girls ate a snack they loved watching someone fly a kite over a field near the school. They BEGGED to fly a kite when we got home. The wind was just perfect for that- so after a hike until we discovered just the right twig to use as the cross rod which was missing, we then went out to our field up on the hill and flew our kite until the Sun set. It was lovely as there was a mare and her foul and another horse of the neighbors that were interested in watching us for a while, and the sky was beautiful with pinks and reds and orange with fluffy clouds and a nice breeze, not too cold, but feeling more like Fall than Winter. The view of the Blueridge Mountains from that spot is just beautiful on a clear day! Until we walk around outside we don't fully apprechiate being here. Sometimes its easy to take this beautiful place for granted when busy with the daily tasks of the household. So today we really enjoyed our good fortunte of being in this place!

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