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2005-02-16 - 11:34 a.m.

Esteemed Amy,

As a meddling older sister (what else are we good for?) who is home with enough children (six) that I feel my role in life must be to have enough kids to raise while supporting those who are childless contibuting so much to society-- I feel like I have a symbiotic although unknown relationship with those like you AND My BROTHER who are single and therefore have the TIME AND ENERGY to FOCUS on incredibly touching so many lives with truth in and of your work! I therefore felt compelled to this INTRODUCTION of you AMY and you PAUL. Since I can't WORK in the world at this time-- this is my attmept to have SOME meaningful connection by introducing One full of young promise and one who is well seasoned that I think would be the perfect mentor (since Michael Moore never followed up on a similar e-mail YEARS AGO!)

Amy Goodman is an ICON of Journalistic Integrity and truth telling. I heard of Enron from AMY long before MANY did.... and made mention of it to my corporate working husband who HEEDED this when he once had an opportunity with involvement with that company which he DID NOT follow up on. (Even though he never heard you either! And he also said "It mught just be a left wacko journalist going too far with the truth... some of them are a little out there." YET HE HEEDED the warning! I REMEMBER IT CLEARLY)

BUT the point of this e-mail is not the ramblings of a bored housewife, "corporate barbie spouse" (DO THEY MAKE THAT DOLL?? SHE LISTENS TO PACIFICA AND FEEDS IDEAS TO INFLUENTIAL BUSINESS LEADERS WHEN SHE CAN...) and mother-- its to truly introduce two people who I feel may never otherwise have opportunity to meet that I feel can make a huge difference. BOTH Amy and Paul DO make a difference, and as such talented individuals, each of you and society could benefit from you knowing each other.

Paul while known for his humor, has a very serious side. He attempted to bring a political talk show to Columbia South Carolina, a market I can only assume does not have a PACIFICA affiliate. PERHAPS THERE IS INTEREST IN THAT? PERHAPS PAUL COULD AND WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THAT?

PAUL ALSO CAPTURED 16% of the votes for the SC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES a few years back as a candidate for the NATURAL LAW PARTY. HE's a mover and shaker even when he doesn't INTEND to be. He was recruited for that role of candidate and happily embraced it.

PAUL NEEDS TO KNOW OF YOU AMY-- and as a guy who left a job in Advertising Sales at FOX TV to take one with an ALTERNATIVE WEEKLY PAPER , PAUL is committed to truth and integrity. He has such talent that while never wasted I think could be tapped into by PACIFICA specifically. I sense an opportunity here for both of you.

Paul you MUST follow this link

I find it SHAMEFUL you haven't yet even heard AMY!

And AMY-- if only for a much needed diverstion as all who know anything about you KNOW all you do is work.... go here for an into to PAUL's sense of humor. But I sincerely hope a much needed break will not be the only outcome if you do read Paul's site. I hope you will see one of talent and energy that may pique your interest for at least an introduction to each other at some level.

I also encourage you to Visit the site now- as if Paul DOES venture into more serious waters as he's starting to get older and at some point will likely have to grow up ... you might miss the opportunity to view some of his less tasteful youthful humor of his college days.... AND the opportunity for the JOE LIBERMAN baby bib.... OK so you might not be in the market for that - but any relative that would like one?? HA HA (Paul, I hope you got Mr. Lieberman's permission for that.)

I 'm writing this as I called Paul today and said "I HAVE A VISION. YOU'RE TO SUBLET YOUR PLACE IN SC IMMEDIATELY AND GO TO NY TO FIND AMY GOODMAN AND MENTOR WITH HER!".... but Paul was in a meeting at the time. Constantly working as usual....for the small alternative press.

Hey, I couldn't send $ today... but maybe this contribution to PACIFICA will be worth more! (AND I DID ADD BOTH YOUR and John PERKins' books to my amazon wish list!)
In conclusion, thanks from a listener who is just awed and envious and grateful of your daily work! Perhaps one day one of my children, or my brother can achieve even a bit of what you have-- I'll hold you up as a remarkable role model!


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