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2005-02-22 - 6:08 p.m.

I FINALLY Connected with my former client the mexican farmworker who I am so glad called!! His old # was Not in Service.... so after locating the immigration lawyer for him who agreed to meet my quoted price for work and was happy to take his wife on as a client, I couldn't reach the guy or his wife! So I was pleased when he called me again today to see if I could complete the VISA application for his wife. These hard working people saved for her application fees and the lawyer fees for the past few years.

WHEW... it was bugging me I couldn't reach him. Glad to have resolution of that as I passed on the attorney's # I found who will help him.

I received kind words of encouragement that as he said "YOU HAVE TO PASS THAT BAR SO I CAN REFER PEOPLE TO YOU!"

I even e-mailed any contacts I could find that work with farmworkers and immigrants to see if I could find ANY attorneys that service Immigrants for legal issues West of Leesburg in VA . THERE IS NO ONE TO BE FOUND. I am sure its not because they are elusive.... unless perhaps there are some shoot from the hip black market cowboy attorneys....but I think by now I would have even found them out! NOt that I WOULD REFER ANYONE TO THEM! I ABIDE BY THE ETHICS OF THE PROFESSIONAL CODE OR I'D BE WORKING! Its SO FRUSTRATING to be sitting in this market FULL of people wanting service that I am CAPABLE of providing yet not being able to do it! Maybe I should put energy into encouraging an Immigration BAR exam..... After all there is a Patent Law BAR.

The praise was at least encouraging.

And I haven't left the Mexican Housekeeper who has been here for 20 years now hanging any longer....

I really think that she deserves the opportunity to have her application for citizenship reviewed rather than lost. That's the difference an attorney can make. That return address on the envelope and accompanying cover letter alone can greatly impact lives!

I just returned from a local consignment shop where I dropped off some things in an impulsive moment the other day while on my way to donate them all to the Salvation Army. I remembered the shop that is for kids and expectant and nursing mothers and it occurred to me that I might actually get some money for these clothes! Well, much of my wrinkled, out of style hand me downs are back in the car salvation army bound yet again. Eleven items however did make it to the shop racks with a total of $54 in the inventory tagged value. I will get 45% of all sales, so it was worth the few minutes to stop there as I STILL have TONS of clothes to bring by. I also had to pay a $9.50 fee for the arrangement to then drop off items all year round. Not bad. I'm surprised by some of the items that didn't make the cut, but those will go back in storage for Katerina and the other girls to grow into. (A few dresses of mine I never wear, but too nice to give away!) And if outdated, give it a few years and they are likely to again be in fashion! I have another appointment in a few days to drop things off to be considered. This time I'll actually make sure the items are ironed as that's the condition they are SUPPOSED to be in to be considered!(ME IRON?? HA HA... I RARELY find time for that. But this is for a bit of petty cash so I will make the time!)

Other good news I'm excited about:WESTLEY FINALLY GOT A DECENT HAIRCUT!! Thanks to us not finding time for me to do it, and me telling him to just go get it done professionally for a change! Although he won't admit it, he listened to my advice to go short! YAH!! He actually will LISTEN to someone else more than me so he also listened to the barber who convinced him that it was worth buying hair gel after showing him how to properly manage the growing bald spot he insists on trying to cover with that overly long hair that of course never really covers it anyway but just flys madly around making him look MORE like an unkempt Grizzly Adams. Oh, and yes the beard was chopped off too! If it were not for the fact he just got a serious company man type job and I lectured him about his appearance and he listened, I 'd be worried! Yes he looks so nice now! (And you know what they say about those men who suddenly take care of their appearance after neglecting it for years... Hmmm, is there a new secretary at the office they're trying to impress??)
Westly is also the loyal no time or interest in woman type.... an obsesive workaholic... so not to worry there. But the point being he looks very sharp... the first time in five years!!
And I finally figured him out. He nostalgically would mention his EX who bought him the only decent clothing he owned when I met him. He credited her for teaching him how to dress. (Clearly his Italian mother didn't do that.... and meeting all the elderly aunts with the overdone makup, flashy and ostnetatious clothing and jewelry, and even his sister's with their mini skirts let me know early on he needed help in that area....) But I finally figured out something as I lectured him and flying out of my mouth were the words, "Wear that striped shirt! Did Karen give it to you? I thought so! She had taste.... it looks great on you! Its slimming and very handsome and you look good in a shirt that actually fits and isn't too big! You used to complain to her too though and ACT like you didn't LIKE IT when she bought you those clothes right? But only LATER did you tell me how much you liked that! So I SHOULD be dressing you do you look decent and just ignore all your complaining!"

I hit it right on! I could tell by not only the protest from him, but the smile he tried to hide. Men really do need mothers there whole lives in some areas! And I finally realized that is the area I have failed in my relationships. I have always stubbornly REFUSED to mother my partner! I have REFUSED to ever nag, or argue about petty things, or tell a guy what to wear....

But hey - seeing that great striped shirt and the sharp looking haircut and shave made me think I have erred!

Hmmm.... Wonder what items of men's clothing I should bring to Salvation Army..... Unlike most girlfriend's and/or wives, I'll BE SURE to preserve ANYTHING bought by his one significant EX! And someday... I'd LOVE TO THANK HER FOR IT! But there are some of those old hideous worn out items I think I can convince should be parted with. I had the pleasure of taking scizzors to a few pairs of jeans that were ALREADY rags.

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