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2005-02-25 - 12:09 a.m.

It would be fair to say I am obsessing. I have NEVER ironed more clothes in my entire life than I have today! I have been very focused on my mission to repair and press any clothes that I have had in the closet for far too long THAT I NEVER WEAR! WE all are guilty of this. I perhaps to an extreme, because ironically, I HATE SHOPPING. Yes, I am the anomoly among women who really does not enjoy clothes shopping and avoids malls. Malls just seem to make the experience of finding what you need TAKE AN EXCESSIVELY LONG TIME! And have you ever had a headache, or cramps or some medical need when in a mall? JUST TRY TO FIND A DRUGSTORE! Maybe now they have them in malls...since to be honest it's been a while I have ventured into one, but it always struck me as odd that when in a mall you couldn't find a place to buy PRACTICAL and USEFUL things other than clothing. But I digress.... (as usual)...
Because of my dislike of clothes shopping, (which is rather odd since I LOVE TO design and MAKE clothes...and even dreamed of attending FIT when I was a teenager who hated malls, but made most of my own clothes), I NEVER get rid of any clothes that are given to me! I have an extensive collection of hand me downs. This all started when I was the beneficiary of my cousins' stylish hand me downs as a child and teenager. (Mainly because even though My Aunt and Uncle had 4 girls.... My favorite Aunt REALLY IS a Shopaholic!) During College I had a few girlfriends who handed off stuff to me. And After college I hired a young single girl who shared my size who like my Aunt happened to also be a shopaholic for clothing. She was organized and disciplined enough to get rid of the old when she bought new stuff.That happened to occur EVERY weekend after payday! Almost weekly she was bringing things in for me! I collected her old wardrobe which Katerina has actually been wearing (now that I'm sick of it!) Then later on as an adult I got a ton of my cousin Erin the accountant's professional clothes which my Aunt collected and passed on to me! I guess old habits die hard! This was while I was a law student so it was great to get the professional wardrobe. At the same time, a good friend in law school converted to ISLAM after eight years of studying it. She decided to also start wearing a HABIB, and passed on all her old "WESTERN" style clothing to me!She also took a new name, Sakina, meaning "Truth." Sakina (when known as Suzanne) had worked as a Paralegal for NESTLE in LA prior to coming to UB for LAW school, and she had a lovely wardrobe. While I have worn a few items from it, Sakina's old clothes have mostly sat in my closets and storage bins. My favorite hat which is a wool beret with brightly colored embroidered flowers was a gift from her clothing collection.
So today I looked at all the stuff the consignment shop did not take and figured out why each item was rejected. Some had very small stains I hadn't noticed. Other items simply required mending of very small problems (such as the tag coming off and needing to be reinforced.) As I discovered the flaw of each item I then sorted it into either a bag for the salvation army, a bin of decent clothing but out of season , and items which needed repair or iorning. I then iorned and repaired the clothing as needed.

So tommorrow I have another appointment to drop things off at the consignment shop. I have a box of about 15 items all neatly iorned and folded, and 15 more clothing items hanging ready to bring to the store tommorrow. This time the clothes presented will be in better shape than the last time I dropped clothes off. I am hoping that the owner accepts more for sale than last week, as last week I initially had no intention of bringing the clothes to the store but had bagged them up to take to the Salvaton Army, and only later thought of the shop. So when I showed up there and inquired about putting clothing on consignment, I expected to schedule an initial appointment and wasn't really prepared when the clerk asked if I had the clothes with me to have them reviewed just then.

I've been dozing as I write this.... Goodnight!

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