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2005-03-30 - 4:47 a.m.

Enjoying a very interesting interview (now that I finally have speakers set up!)

Most excited to have found this great site of Chicago Talk Radio WGN

I'm listening to:

Jerome Kagan, famed researcher in child psychology and professor emeritus of psychology at Harvard University, discusses the emotional development of children and tackles the age-old question of "nature vs. nurture" and how parents can best raise well-adjusted children. His latest book is The Long Shadow of Temperament. (10/19/04)

Jerome Kagan (87:43) (or, listen to a brief segment) OOPS Don't have that link but you can find it at the above along w/ many other interesting interviews

My personal update: Got most of the KICK BUTT Letter done today. Need to just organize all my files to add in the SPECIFIC FACTS that I have to look up- but the gist is done. Also need to research the names and addresses of anyone who might be of significance who I'll send it to.

My biggest tip in getting anything actually accomplished when facing a big problem is to attack the problem strongly from as many ways as possible- for me that often means finding the actual movers and shakers and including them ALL in my recipient list. THIS IS KEY- as then at least ONE of them will find it important. (USUALLY THAT IS TANTAMOUT TO ONE OF THEM BEING EMBARASSED ENOUGH TO CARE BECAUSE THEY ARE WORRIED WHAT OTHERS WILL THINK IF THEY DON'T FOLLOW UP) That along w/ ALWAYS NAMING NAMES to promote a. Embarassment and b. PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY

It is ironically a. which often facilitates social change more than b!! OR rather a leads to b for those who don't have that sense of personal accountability ALREADY.

Sadly, until naming names and publically embarassing those who DON"T accept personal responsibility, things usually never change.


That alone is empowering. Facts that are indisputable and documented can't be ignored.

Oh yeah- the other thing I have to do after going to my files is COPYING all my previous letters which have been sent up the chain of command until I got to this point... so I can send those copies along with this latest letter.


YOU CAN GET TO THE SAME PLACE W/O a special genetic predisposition. INTERESTING.... This was said in above interview in regard to ALCOHOLISM and then in the same context, compared to distinguished athletes or musicians.(Suzuki's whole theory... that anyone can be taught to be anything they want with the right training)

That is encouraging. I think of this whenever I read and write in relation to my goals as a writer, and in relation to my goal of eventually passing the BAR exam.

I also heard an EXCELLENT question about how being an only child affects temperment: A Caller asked about craving solitude, as he finds too many people being overwealming. Until he can be alone w/ anything- a book, a woman, a male friend there is no connection.

Kagan said that's not necessarily related to being a firstborn. First borns have very high standards and become perfectionists. Firstborns and onlys accomplish a lot in life B/C they identify their parents rather than less accomplished siblings.
HARVARD has 78% firstborns! VERY HIGH ACHIEVERS.

The other traits are not related to that. They are personality traits found among all. And some firstborns crave being with other people.

First borns are in general more likley to respect authority, succeed in school, take rules seriously, traditionalists.
When there is a scientific idea that disrupts... first borns usually disagree with them. EX: Darwin was not accepted by first borns.

Re Oswald: Warren Commission said " NO Consipracy" Students polled FIRST BORNS who all agreed "No conspiracy" WHERAS LAter Borns said "CONSPIRACY" and wouldn't accept the establishment.

HELEN COOK is a researcher who Kagan referred to that did alot of work on child placement in families. (Which interests me.)

Kagan said re: siblings that Tension is greatest between 2 to 5 years. If eight years younger than the next sibling then are like a first born. Katerina was seven, and Soren five when Westley and I had our first baby together.( I can't reacll the psydo name I gave her!! Sadie? hmm....) She is most definately like a first born although she has Katerina and Soren both as half siblings. I suppose having a half blood relationship and being the first born of her father also affect that.

First born swallows whole the values of the family and doesn't question them. Yes they have more stimulation- but that's not all of it.

Kagan's thories are interesting.

Back to sleep for a little while now! I was up to feed the baby which is why I listened to this radio show in this early AM. I found it earlier in the day and never took time to listen. I think I'll get use out of this site while folding laundry now that I have it saved as there are a number of interesting shows to pick from.

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